Me desculpe, mas eu não vou desistir! "
- Xianghua

Chai Xianghua (チャイ·シャンファ, Shanfa Chai , o chinês: pinyin柴香华: Chai Xianghua ) é um personagem da série Soul . Ela já apareceu em Soulcalibur ,Soulcalibur II , Soulcalibur III , Soulcalibur IV eSoulcalibur: Broken Destiny . Desde sua primeira aparição, ela se tornou um dos personagens mais conhecidos e emblemáticos da franquia.

Em Soulcalibur ela é apelidado de " Flor Em The Breeze ".

O que encontra-se em sua alma é amor .


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Biografia EditarEditar

Pré Calibur História EditarEditar

Ancestrais de Xianghua, a família Chai, têm preparado homens e mulheres em guerreiros experientes da China para muitas gerações. A família Chai nasceu na herança do general Ming. A mulher que se tornaria a mãe de Xianghua, Xiangfei, foi enviado para o prestigiado Ling-Sheng Su Templo para aprender a arte da esgrima. Ela diligentemente treinado e tornou-se extremamente hábil com a jian, superando muitos dos monges no templo.

Após o falecimento de seu pai, Xiangfei forjou um romance proibido com um monge no templo, Kong Xiuqiang , pensado para ser o candidato mais proeminente para herdeiro da equipe bo santo, Kali-Yuga . Não até o nascimento ilegítimo de sua primeira filha, Xianglian, foi seu amor dado a conhecer aos outros monges. Os monges permaneceram muito rigoroso em relação a editais do templo e Xianglian foi tirada de seus pais em seu segundo aniversário.

Xiangfei tornou-se demasiado forjado com a dor de permanecer no templo. Han Dongxiu, um irmão jurado de ambos Xiuqiang e Xiangfei, pediu Xiuqiang para sair com ela e começar uma família com seu amante, mas Xiuqiang recusou, e Xiangfei concordaram que era o melhor. Mas, como um adeus final, Dongxiu ajudou Xiuqiang esgueirar oKrita-Yuga a sua amante, para servir como uma promessa dos dois iria um dia encontrar novamente.

Desconhecido para Xiuqiang, no entanto, foi que quando Xiangfei havia deixado o templo, ela estava grávida de um segundo filho. Ela secretamente retornou à sua terra natal, foi tomada em pelo Chai casa lá, e tornou-se um soldado da guarda imperial da dinastia Ming. Meses depois, ela deu à luz sua segunda filha, Xianghua, mas nunca revelou nada sobre o pai da menina ou sua linhagem para ela.

By this time, the temple had realized that the Krita-Yuga was missing, and found that Xiuqiang had stolen it. He was exiled from the temple, but Xianglian was to remain there to be trained as an orphan. Xiuqiang eventually discovered Xiangfei's whereabouts, but the Chai family asked him to leave her alone, as she believed that he was training and she would be happier in her ignorance. Meanwhile, when monks from the Temple came to Xiangfei, searching for the missing sword, all they found was young Xianghua playing with a battered jian, and they gave up the search years later. Only Xiuqiang had known that the jian Xianghua had been holding was actually the Krita-Yuga in disguise.

As time passed, Xianghua had learned to use the jian just as well as her mother when Xiangfei died sometime after Xianghua's eleventh birthday. Five years afterward, Xianghua became a member of the Imperial Guard.

Soulcalibur EditarEditar

Eventually, the emperor of Ming Dynasty China had become displeased with the search for the "Hero's Sword"; he never heard back from any that had ventured out, including close friends. So he sent members of his Imperial Guard to help the quest advance more quickly. The guards traveled under the guise of a traveling opera troupe, with Xianghua to be the main attraction, so as not to raise suspicion of their true motives. [1]Xianghua, as she appears in Soul Calibur (1998)Adicionada por EdgussissybillAs Xianghua prepared for her journey, she recalled her mother's dying words—that she was born to complete an important task and that she must cut her path through an uncertain future. With her mother's keepsake tai chi jian, she left on her own. Before she set out on her journey, she did what any honorable girl would, she cut her hair short like her mother's. On her journey, she encountered a member of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple in China, Kilik, and a Japanese pirate of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, Maxi. Told of the sword's evil nature by Kilik, she agreed to aid both of them in their journey to destroy the evil blade, not knowing all the while that her long-lost older sister, Xianglian, had been accidentally killed by Kilik as he had been consumed by a berserker rage on the night of the notorious Evil Seed .

With Kilik and Maxi's help, Xianghua stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle. Maxi stayed behind and defeated the castle's guard, Astaroth, disappearing soon after. Kilik and Xianghua together slayed the enemy hordes and reached Soul Edge. Kilik used his holy bo staff Kali-Yuga to defeat Nightmare, but immediately afterward, the combatants were pulled into an ethereal void where they stood opposed to Inferno. His prior battle had left Kilik too weary to fight. As Xianghua readied herself, her mother's keepsake sword unveiled herself as the holy sword.

After a fierce struggle, Xianghua defeated her opponent with Soul Calibur's protective power. As the void started to collapse, she carried Kilik out of it, though her mother's keepsake sword was left behind. [2]Xianghua screenshot from Soul Calibur II (2003) just before her destined battle with Kilik.Adicionada por Edgussissybill===Soulcalibur II Editar=== After destroying the sword she was sent to find, a mysterious man approached her and awarded her with an unnamed jian in return for the great deed she had done. Once she returned, Xianghua fell in disfavor with the Emperor because of her failure to find Soul Edge. She was stripped of her rank and reassigned to a menial position. Xianghua kept her role in Soul Edge's destruction secret and never reported it.

Four years later, news reached her that the emperor had attacked Xiwei (present-day Xi'an), which had been the center of government in the Ming Dynasty's western territory. The emperor believed that the fortress had been withholding Soul Edge from him, and when the fortress guards killed his envoy in annoyance of his blind obstinancy, he ordered that the city be summarily destroyed and all the citizens executed, under the public justification of a revolt.

When the castle fell and the sword was not found, the emperor summoned Xianghua in his stupor and asked her to investigate the ruins, as her experience could be useful in locating the sword among the rubble. Xianghua found out the truth behind the attack from Ming spies. Though she believed that she had destroyed Soul Edge, her investigation proved otherwise, and pieces of it were rumored to exist in this place. If this story had been true, Xianghua needed to find every fragment and destroy them.

Xianghua left on a second journey alone, convinced that this was a burden she had to bear, since she failed to destroy Soul Edge completely the first time...

Soulcalibur III EditarEditar

"I couldn't do anything..." The pain of defeat clutched at Xianghua's heart. During her adventure, Xianghua was once again reunited with her companion, Kilik. While on their journey, the two of ran afoul of a "man with a scythe" (Zasalamel), who wished to eliminate people who had the potential to destroy Soul Edge. Zasalamel attacked and defeated Kilik. Afterwards, Xianghua took the gravely injured Kilik back to his home, where she heard that Kilik would make full recovery.

After leaving a letter for Kilik, she departed, seeking an old general whom Edge Master had arranged for her to meet. Training with the old general, Xianghua's skills improved significantly. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't shake off an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy due to her failure to help Kilik. She told herself, "Don't be afraid!!!" in meager attempts to convince herself. The old general noticed her anxiety and provided sage advice:.

"Sometimes, the path of the warrior requires letting in dark feelings, weighing them, then letting them go."

Xianghua then began to train her mind. Rather than becoming weak, she would be more fluid and allow her heart to filter in both the good and the bad. After months of training, she felt that she was ready and bid farewell to the general, beginning her journey anew. So she left the temple to fight by herself.

Soulcalibur IV EditarEditar

While traveling west on the Silk Road, Xianghua reunited with Kilik. Together they traveled to India to find Maxi. However, he did not join them. Xianghua was worried that he was searching for Soul Edge so he can have his revenge on Astaroth. She knew she had to stop him.

Meanwhile, Xianghua had no idea of what kind of feelings Kilik had for her. But her feelings for him were clear. However, she could never tell him of those feelings. They had to destroy Soul Edge. Because they did not destroy it properly last time, a lot of calamities were happening all over the world. But she was determined that they would eliminate the evil sword once and for all.

When she saw a meteor shower heading west, she knew the final battle was coming.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny EditarEditar

She appears on Chapter 21, in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny's The Gauntlet mode, looking for Kilik but ends up fighting the player after a possible misunderstanding. After accomplishing Chapter 21-1, she slaps Kilik for being a jerk and Cassandra jokingly says that her slap was "Unblockable".

Soulcalibur VEditarEditar

A few years later, she reunited and connected with Kilik, but he considered this the result of an unfortunate destiny, and eventually disappeared from Xianghua's side.

Returning to her homeland with a broken heart, she eventually came to the realization she was pregnant. However, her grandfather and patriarch of the Chai house was furious at this, as she was the second generation of women from such a distinguished family to bear the child of an unknown man. Xianghua was ordered to kill the child and marry into another family.

Knowing of her situation, Xianghua was rescued by the heir of the Yan family, Yan Wujin. He discussed with Xianghua's grandfather and issued a condition for marrying Xianghua and not revealing the scandal, to allow the child to live.

Endings EditarEditar

Soulcalibur EditarEditar

The Krita-Yuga she wielded revealed its true form as if it heeded the call of destiny. The sword gave her unparalleled strength and in return, Xianghua channeled her pure spirit through it. The interminable battle came to a close with Xianghua's victory. [3]a picture from Xianghuas ending in Soul CaliburAdicionada por DeniseObergThe brooding clouds that covered the firmament until now broke apart to reveal shafts of sunlight from above.

Xianghua: Mother... was this the destiny I was meant to fulfill?

She narrowed her eyes as the brilliant sunlight crosses her innocent, childlike face...

[4][ Soul Calibur 2 - Xianghua's Ending(00:31) 370 views]Soul Calibur II Xianghua's EndingAdicionada por Ellie.Rose===Soulcalibur II Editar=== After defeating Inferno and recovering her mom's sacred sword once again, she promises never to lie again as she journeys home.

Soulcalibur III EditarEditar

Xianghua and Kilik both face Soul Edge. Kilik offers to destroy the sword, but Xianghua insists that she do it. She walks up to Soul Edge and stabs it with her sword. [5]'[ Soul Calibur 3 - Xianghua - Ending B(02:03) 614 views]Soul Calibur III Xianghua's Ending BAdicionada por Ellie.Rose'Input Ending The screen fades,and then shows Xianghua sitting on a rock in a forest while Kilik trains in the background. "Hey Kilik... where do you want to go next?" Xianghua asks. Kilik replies by saying that he would like to visit his master. Xianghua says it would be a good idea to travel together. Kilik agrees by saying "Yeah, especially since you're such a good sparring partner. Xianghua, unhappy with Kilik's response, bows her head in disappointment. Xianghua says that there is someone she's interested in, hinting to Kilik that that "someone" is him. "Oh." Kilik replies, and then gets back to his training. "Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" Xianghua asks. "Huh? Yeah." Kilik answers.

With a sigh, Xianghua lays back and says "You're hopeless." As Kilik walks up to her and asks if she's ready to leave, Xianghua jumps into his arms playfully and exclaims "I won't give up on you that easily!"

[6][ Soul Calibur 3 - Xianghua - Ending A(01:39) 571 views]Soul Calibur III Xianghua's Ending AAdicionada por Ellie.RoseNo Input Ending Xianghua shatters the sword and gets shot backwards with great force into Kilik's arms. When she awakens, she asks if Soul Edge is really destroyed. She then stands up and walks over to her sword and Kilik follows her. Suddenly, Xianghua and Kilik's weapons disappear. "So it's finally over." Xianghua says reassuringly. Kilik says "yeah" afterward.

Soulcalibur IV EditarEditar

Xianghua is shown looking at both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur on each side of her. Kilik walks up towards her and says that this is his responsibility now. He chooses to take over from this point on, and just wants Xianghua  [7][ Soul Calibur IV Xianghua's Ending(JP)(02:11) 895 views]Soul Calibur IV Xianghua's EndingAdicionada por Ellie.Roseto leave and live an ordinary life filled with happiness. "What about your happiness?" Xianghua asks. After Kilik responds by saying that he doesn't deserve to be happy, Xianghua tells him that he is what makes her happy and he is all she needs. She then asks him why he can't understand that. Kilik, who is deeply saddened by the choice he must make, tells her, "You don't know how that pains me. I hate myself for not being able to answer you. I want to be with you, too, but there is just no way." He then grabs Soul Edge and begins to show signs of pain as the sword glows. Xianghua runs up to him and hugs him from behind. Kilik tells her to leave, but Xianghua refuses and says that she is going to stay with him.

As the screen fades to white, Kilik's voice can be heard saying, "Thank you, Xianghua."

The text-only epilogue reveals this: The two disappeared together. The two powers rested in peace and never stirred again.

Fighting Style EditarEditar

Xianghua's fighting style resembles that of a Wushu practitioner, although some of her moves were derived from Hwang. She is known for being unpredictable and confusing for an opponent as she has a lot of feint attacks in her arsenal. Her speed is on par with other quick Soul Calibur characters. She can put up a lot of combos to maximize damage. She can cancel most of her attacks and attack with a different one immediately to put the opponent off guard and exploit its weakness. What Xianghua lacks is strength; but her combos that veteran players use deal impressive damage to make up for this weakness.

Tower Of Lost Souls Details & SkillsEditarEditar

Xianghua appears in Tower of Lost Souls as a boss in the Ascend mode under the floor "Mind Reading Shield" and also appears as a sub-ordinate under the floor "Uber Airhead"

TOLS Ascend Mode: Mind Reading Shield (Boss) & Uber Airhead

Partners: Azalea & Camilla (Mind Reading Shield Floor 35)

Xunyu & Yufeng (Uber Airhead Floor 22)

Kilik (Story Mode Stages 1–5)

Skills On "Mind Reading Shield"

1.Auto Impact S

2.Impact Heal

3.Impact Edge

4.Strong Impact

Skills On "Uber Airhead"

1.Evil Sword Berserk

2.Double Edged Sword

3.Hyper Mode

Default Skills

1.Charge Cancel

2.Strengthen Horizontal

3.Soul Gauge Rate Up C

Descend Mode Skills

1.Soul Gauge Recovery C

2.Will Power


Chai Xianghua is a cheerful young woman. She is kind and seems to sound a little childish. She never gives up and is faithful to her friends. She shares many similarities with Ling Xiaoyu of Tekken and Lei Fang of Dead or Alive.

Weapons EditarEditar

Critical Finish EditarEditar

Torrential Chi Blast: Attacks her opponent rapidly with her feet and blade before delivering what appears to be a blue energy bubble explosion.

Stages EditarEditar

Emperor's Garden (SC) EditarEditar

This grand garden was designed to be the Ming Emperor's summer home. It made perfect use of the natural landscape giving visitors the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. Aside from the Emperor and his family only the royal guards, including Xianghua, were permitted to enter the house. When Xianghua received the order to search for the Soul Edge she visited the garden for the first time. The garden, as if celebrating her departure, was in full bloom.

(Note: known as Ming Emperor's Villa in the arcade version.)

Xiwei Siege Ruins (SC2) EditarEditar

Xiwei, positioned near the west border of the Ming Empire, was a vital stronghold for maintaining the empire's western territories. Tragically, when the Emperor believed the castle was hiding the Hero's Sword from him, he dispatched an army to seize the castle. Ultimately, the citadel was destroyed. Sadly, the army failed to find the sword in the rubble of the stronghold. Was Soul Edge, known in this region as the Hero's Sword, really at Xiwei? Or was this place destroyed due to a misunderstanding? No one can answer these questions now.

(Note: Xianghua shares this stage with Mitsurugi)

Lotus Garden (SC3) EditarEditar

Originally constructed as a retreat for the Ming Emperor, this garden is now a large park open to the public. Most of the area is made up of water, and a combination of bridges and peninsulas creates a deep, complex landscape. The view from the palace, the former residence of the royal family, is especially beautiful, entertaining visitors with the blossoms that change colors with the seasons. Currently, the park is under the management of a powerful, elderly general of the Ming Empire. Thanks to the kindness of the general, Xianghua now trains secretly here amid the morning mist.

Hall of the Warrior God (SC4/SCBD) EditarEditar

Theme MusicEditarEditar

Soulcalibur [8][9]Xianghua's theme fromSoulcaliburAdicionada por Suuusuuu*"Bloom and Harvest" Soulcalibur II [10][11]Xianghua's theme fromSoulcalibur IIAdicionada por Suuusuuu*"Hubris" Soulcalibur III

  • "Water Dance"

Soulcalibur IV

  • "Tempered Soul"

[12][13]Xianghua's theme fromSoulcalibur IIIAdicionada por Suuusuuu[14][15]Xianghua's theme fromSoulcalibur IVAdicionada por Suuusuuu

Quotes EditarEditar

Soulcalibur EditarEditar

  • I've got to win!
  • I said no mercy!
  • That's all there is to it!
  • Thanks again!
  • Justice will prevail! Just kidding!
  • Ahem! How's that?!
  • You're finished!
  • You're mine!
  • Here's a freebee!
  • I got you!

Soulcalibur II EditarEditar

  • Here I come!
  • OK, time to say your prayers!
  • Are you sure you want to fight?
  • Come on!
  • Go me!
  • You're going to regret this.
  • Last chance if you want to quit!
  • We live in a dangerous world.
  • Don't worry, it'll be over soon.
  • There's no turning back.
  • Show me what you've got!
  • You're gonna be sorry!
  • Don't cry, okay?
  • Come and get me!
  • Justice will prevail! Just kidding!
  • I'm stronger than all of you!
  • That was great! Yeah!
  • Hope you have a long life! Just kidding!
  • Here we go!
  • I said no mercy!
  • How's that?
  • Do you want more?!
  • That was fun!
  • That's that.
  • Oh, was I being a meanie?
  • How's that? I said no mercy!
  • Huh?
  • How?!
  • What?!
  • Sorry I'm late, I'll get you this time!
  • I can't let you go any further, Kilik.
  • Evil must be destroyed! It's the only way!
  • What you're trying to do is too dangerous!
  • Here... we go!
  • Forget it!
  • Gotcha!
  • Shut up!
  • Eat this!
  • Here's another!
  • Go away!
  • Stay there!
  • How's this?
  • Sorry!
  • Tricked ya!
  • How's that?
  • Dummy!
  • Just kidding! - said in character selection screen in 1P outfit.
  • Hey!

Soulcalibur III EditarEditar

  • Are you ready for this?
  • My resolve cannot be swayed!
  • I will defeat you with my own hands!
  • I will not have regrets I swear it!
  • This time, I won't run away!
  • I'm sorry, but I won't give in!
  • Okay, I have to do this. Let's go!
  • Look, aren't I cute? Just kidding!
  • Open wide, cause here I come!
  • I guess I'll fight ya.
  • You're going to regret this!
  • Show me what you've got! Come on!
  • You're gonna be sorry!
  • Come and get some!
  • Last chance if you wanna quit!
  • Don't cry when you lose!
  • This is your last chance to apologize.
  • Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.
  • You sure you wanna do this?
  • Not very friendly, are we?
  • You think you can keep up?
  • Don't worry, it'll be over quickly.
  • You must cut your own path through fate!
  • Never will I hesitate again!
  • Did you think this sword was decoration?
  • I knew I wouldn't walk away from this fight without a scratch.
  • I know I can do this. I won't give up!
  • It's not easy, but I won't give up!
  • I'm gonna try one more time!
  • I can't give up. I have to keep my spirits up.
  • You'll have to do better... if you wanna beat me!
  • Not bad, if I do say so myself.
  • I really wish we could have met under different circumstances.
  • Okay, one down!
  • Did I zing ya?
  • Shall we call it a day?
  • And that's the end of that!
  • There, are you satisfied now?
  • You really did this to yourself!
  • That was pretty good!
  • I told you I won't hold back.
  • Well, that wraps things up.
  • Thanks for the match!
  • Justice will prevail!
  • Ahem! How's that?
  • How about another?!
  • Did you like my ultimate attack?!
  • Cha cha cha TOH!
  • You should retire for your own good!
  • That was pretty fun!
  • Yep yep, that's that!
  • You can't believe it? Well, believe it.
  • That was so blah.
  • It's over!
  • Spin!
  • Pretty good!
  • There!
  • It's over!
  • This is the end!
  • Gotcha!
  • Go!
  • How's another?!
  • Here!
  • How's that?
  • Tricked ya!
  • How about this?!
  • Way too easy.
  • (Yawn)
  • One down!
  • Hey!
  • No way!

Soulcalibur IV EditarEditar

  • I'm sorry, but I won't give in!
  • I will defeat you with my own hands!
  • You think you can keep up?
  • I don't want any regrets!
  • I guess we'll have to fight.
  • My resolve cannot be swayed!
  • This time, I cannot lose!
  • I can feel Soul Edge. It's close.
  • You're wrong. I've found my reason.
  • He's too dangerous. I have to do something.
  • Well, that wraps things up!
  • Thanks for the exercise.
  • I knew I wouldn't walk away from this fight without a scratch.
  • Did you think this sword was for show?
  • You must decide your own fate.
  • I decided to believe in myself.
  • I will shape my own destiny.
  • I must decide my own fate.
  • I will no longer hesitate.
  • Mother, are you watching me?
  • Maxi, don't be foolish!
  • Being with you is what makes me happy,
  • It's the only thing I need, It's all I want.
  • Why can't you understand that?
  • Kilik!
  • Thanks!
  • Just kidding!
  • This presence...
  • It's over!
  • You're open!
  • How's that?
  • Pretty good!
  • How about this?
  • This is...the end!
  • How's another?
  • This is it.
  • Right there!
  • Watch this!
  • You fell for it!
  • Go!
  • Prepare yourself!
  • Block this!
  • No way!

Trivia EditarEditar

  • The three treasures of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple are all named after the Yugas - the names of eras in Hindu philosophy. The Krita-Yuga refers to the age of meditation, a Golden Age free from unhappiness. Hence, the Krita-Yuga/Soulcalibur's reputation as a force of good.
  • Xianghua's No Name looks exactly like Krita-Yuga in Soulcalibur and does not match Edge Master's jian. Krita-Yuga obtains a different look in Soulcalibur II.
  • Xianghua's nickname in Soulcalibur is "Flower in the Breeze."
  • Xianghua's Destined Battle in Soulcalibur is Nightmare. In Soulcalibur II her Destined Battle is Kilik, and inSoulcalibur III her Destined Battle is Cervantes. In Soulcalibur IV, she must fight Algol as her final boss in Story mode.
  • Xianghua has a strong fondness for Kilik, bordering on romantic feelings. This is shown in one of herSoulcalibur III endings, as well as in all of Kilik's endings within the same game. This relationship is greatly expanded upon in Xianghua's Soulcalibur IV ending. It is implied in both this ending and Kilik's good ending inSoulcalibur III that the feeling may be reciprocated. In the Official Artbook for Soulcalibur V it is revealed that Xianghua and Kilik parted ways some time after the events of Soulcalibur IV. Shortly after, Xianghua gave birth to his son.
  • Xianghua and Kilik are the only characters to have a weapons demonstration in which both participate together, as shown if the controller is untouched in the Soulcalibur III title screen.
  • Xianghua's Japanese voice in Soulcalibur II was also used for Rikku's voice in Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy.
  • In Xianghua's Story Mode in Soulcalibur IV, she is accompanied by Kilik throughout all of the stages. In Kilik's Story Mode, Xianghua does help him for the first two stages, but then Kilik leaves her behind and carries on ahead.
  • As a suggestion of her husband, Wuxin, Xianghua pays a visit to Kong Xiuqiang and Xiba once a year. Xiba is not aware that the woman who visits him is his mother, however.
  • Some of Xianghua's moves are similar to Ling Xiaoyu's (and a few from Jun Kazama/Asuka Kazama) from theTekken series.
  • Xianghua's Soulcalibur II hairstyle is available as one of the hairstyles in character creation in the Chinese MMORPG Perfect World.
  • Xianghua has a "joke" attack where she slams on the floor like a child in temper.
  • Listening to Xianghua's "Destined Battle" line in her Soulcalibur II profile and listening to it in the actual game leads to an inconistency; according to her profile her line is; "I can't let you go any further, Kilik." However in the game she says "Kilik..." and then Kilik says his lines, and then she answers "I can't let you go any further.". In the Japanese version, her line was "Get out of my way, Kilik." This is the same in the profile, which is probably how the mistake came about.
  • Xianghua's 1P outfit in Soulcalibur IV is similar to Xianghua's bonus costume in the original Soulcalibur.
  • Her Soulcalibur IV 1P costume (color-wise) and her left side throw are similar to Asuka Kazama's from theTekken series.
  • Though she usually wears blue, her favorite color is lemon yellow.
  • Xianghua's English voice actress, Wendee Lee, is known for voicing Umi Ryuuzaki and Princess Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth, Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi from Digimon Adventure, Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Konata Izumi from Lucky ☆ Star.
  • Xianghua's joke attack in Soulcalibur changed as the series progressed. Reason being is that the attack in Soulcalibur depleted a good amount of health but as the series continued, the depleting of health decreased.
  • In early conceptions, Xianghua was supposed to made similar to that of a Chinese child.
  • Xianghua's marriage with Yan Wujin has not received many positive reviews as many fans were such fans of her relationship with Kilik.


Chái Xiāng Huà means "firewood fragrant flower" in Chinese if each character is taken literally and logically. Chái (柴) is a Chinese surname that can also mean "firewood." Xiāng (香) is "fragrant." Huà (花) can mean "flower."

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Soulcalibur Manga Comic EditarEditar

  • In Soulcalibur Manga Comic Volume 2 (Act.10), Xianghua met Edge Master in the middle of her journey
  • In Soulcalibur Manga Comic, Volume 3 (Act.14). In the night as Xianghua and Meimei went through the Indian town, the street was littered with the dead bodies that were killed by an army of Lizardmen. Xianghua and Meimei tried to escape but they couldn't and they had to take their chances by fighting every Lizardman that surrounded them. Meimei was however killed by the Lizardmen during the battle and Xianghua was left alone. Suddenly, two men appeared and began to slay the Lizardmen. They were Kilik and Maxi and it was the first time they'd ever seen Xianghua.
  • In Soulcalibur Manga Comic, Volume 3 (Act.15). When Xianghua meets Kilik and Maxi during the battle, the Lizardmen surround them. But Xianghua's blade named "Krita-Yuga" suddenly transforms into Soul Calibur. With the shining force that Xianghua holds it will destroy all the lifeforms of darkness surrounding her. In the end, since all the Lizardmen were dead, Soul Calibur turned back into a normal blade (Krita-Yuga). Xianghua finally asks, "Did my sword enchant with your emblem, Kilik?"

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