"Good luck to you. Fight with all your might, as I will."
— Abelia

Abelia Schillfelt (アベリア・シルフェルト Aberia Shiruferuto?) is a fictional character in Namco's Soul series of fighting games. She appears in Soulcalibur III side-quest mode Chronicles of the Sword as one of the player's supporter and enemy as well. She is also an unlockable Bonus Character in the main game. She represents the "Sword & Shield" Create-a-Fighter discipline.


Since Abelia comes from the Chronicles of the Sword mode, her canonicity is disputed.

Abelia was born in the family of a known officer of the Grandall Empire. When she entered the academy, her natural talent was quickly recognized. She came to accept the praising and respect and eventually it pleased her, leading Abelia to believe that was her rightful place in the world.

Then a new recruit came to the empire. Without her talent, story or culture, he/she was another soldier on the group. But he/she showed something appealing, that could not be learned or bought.

She recognized her sense of justice as only a feeling of superiority and the pleasure of being recognized. She felt a part of her heart break apart.

But when war broke on the Empire, she took her weapons and headed on her own will to protect her own justice, even if she was assigned to the same cadet who overshadowed her.

Abelia fought with her teammates to fend off the Dalkian forces, until the unit was ordered to attack the Halteese republic as well. Abelia stayed behind and kept her attack on Dalkia, until she reached the last line of defense. But at that time, all her soldiers were defeated by Dalkia's elite force. Still she kept her position until the player returned from Maletta during Chronicle 11. Abelia rejoined the team until Dalkia's fall.

A year later, she was once again assigned under the Cadet's leadership, this time against her former master Girardot, now a rebel. Even though he was her teacher, she held no belief in what she did as being wrong. Abelia carried out her orders against Girardot until his demise.

Then the Cadet themselves rebelled and formed the Arthias rebellion. Abelia was chosen to stop him, believing once again that she was on the correct side. But once the player defeated her, she understood the real threat and joined them once again.



  • Please get out of my way!
  • This is going to be great!
  • All right, let's settle this!
  • Out of the way! Hurry up and disappear!
  • You're in my way!
  • You wanna die that badly?!
  • Let's settle this fair and square.
  • I prefer not to do this...but we have no choice.
  • Are you sure you want to do this?
  • At least you're not going to run away.
  • Your sight...irritates me.
  • You have a very irritating face.
  • Be careful from now on!
  • I'll take you on any time you want!
  • It looks like I'm just too strong for you.
  • I won't hold back next time!
  • I could never lose to the likes of you!
  • You deserved that.
  • Stay there and die!
  • You should have said so if you're so weak!
  • I'm sorry, but I must move on.
  • It looks like I got lucky.
  • It was a decent match.
  • It looks like I won today. But who know what'll happen next time.
  • That look suits you well.
  • You're a helpless fool.
  • How absolutely laughable.
  • What happened to your earlier enthusiasm?
  • Good luck to you. Fight with all your might, as I will.
  • I will not lose against a traitor. Even if it is you.
  • Prepare yourself!
  • Outta the way!
  • Let's end this!
  • Aren't we cheeky?
  • This is absurd!
  • Go down!
  • Goodbye!
  • It's over!
  • Die!
  • You idiot!
  • You filth!
  • Shut up!
  • You fool!
  • Suffer!
  • Moron!
  • Disappear!
  • I'm sorry!
  • Get ready!
  • Excuse me!
  • Back away!
  • How rude!
  • Stay down!
  • Goodbye.
  • It's over.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • You're irritating!
  • Disappear!
  • You imbecile!
  • Slowpoke!
  • What do you want?
  • Suffer.
  • Go ahead and die.
  • You can't get away!
  • Let's go!
  • Gotcha!
  • Did I do it?
  • How about...this?!
  • Take...this!
  • Hey, you're not half bad. - Taunt
  • Give it up already. - Taunt
  • You touch me and you die! - Taunt
  • You think you can handle this?! - Taunt
  • Are you out of shape? - Taunt
  • You should really give up. - Taunt
  • Heh, your face is pale. - Taunt
  • I'll kill you even if I surrender. - Taunt
  • What?!
  • I can't believe this!
  • Damn!
  • No good!
  • Ugh!
  • Phew!...
  • No!
  • I don't believe this!


  • Abelia's entire costume is made from Create-a-Fighter parts. She has no original parts or features.
  • In Chronicles of the Sword, Abelia is the boss in Chronicles 1 and 18. In most other chronicles, she's part of the player's list of pre-made Custom Characters.
  • In Namco's Soul Archive site PROJECT SOUL, Abelia's age is listed as 32, while it was originally listed as being 21. This may be due to the period of time over which the chronicles of the sword unfold. 
  • During the end of Chronicles of the Sword, her third possible costume is shown, along with Luna.
  • Abelia's Destined Battle (during Quick Play) is Sophitia Alexandra.
  • Animations from Link, in the GameCube version of Soulcalibur II, are borrowed or slightly altered for Abelia's fighting style.
  • Before the fight against Abelia in Chronicle 18, the player can see a tear fall from her eye.
  • Her stage in Chronicle 1 is Lakeside Coliseum which is fitting her fighting discipline, the Sword and Shield.
  • Abelia's hairstyle "the curly sides" also appears in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V, but with bangs.
  • It is possible to create characters similiar-looking to Abelia in Soulcalibur IV, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, and Soulcalibur V.
  • In Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, she uses Cassandra's moves and wields Katzbalger as her weapon, her hairstyle is Sophitia's 1P hairstyle Blonde Twist.

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