All Administrators must follow these Policies. These Policies are to ensure that the Admins of this Wiki are the best, most friendly, Admins. If an Admin breaks these policies (or any general Policy) their Admin rights could be removed.

Admin Policies

  1. All Admins must ensure that this Wiki is a safe, friendly environment. If an Admin sees any sort of bullying, harassment, flaming, etc. they must block the User causing damage.
  2. All Admins, like any other User, must follow all of the Policies; if an Admin breaks one of these Policies they risk losing their Administrative rights.
  3. All Admins must enforce the Soulcalibur Wiki Policies; they can not make any exceptions, that being to themselves, or to a friend.
  4. All Admins must be accepting of all race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc. If an Admin is found being racist, homophobic, harassing etc their Admin rights will be removed immediately and their account will be blocked.This rule also goes for regular Users.
  5. If a User disagrees with a Policy, Admins must not argue with the User, and instead explain calmly that the rule is in effect and everyone must follow it. If the User becomes threatening, insulting, etc you must not insult/argue back; simply warn the User they will be blocked if they continue. If the User continues, block them for a reasonable amount of time. Note: This does not mean that Admins can block Users just because the said User disagrees with something an Admin says; if an Admin is found blocking a User under these circumstances, then their Admin rights may be removed.
  6. Admins must not abuse their rights. Just because we have more "power" than other Users do does not mean we are more important than other Users. This is a Community, not a Job.
  7. If an Admin wants to add more Policies, or make a change to existing ones, they must consult the Community first, as well as the Founder of this Wiki (in this case, their is no Founder as he is no longer an Admin. The Wiki has been adopted by ColColton).The Founder/Adopter can make changes whenever, but it is recommended that they consult the Community or other Admins first. This also applies for changes to Templates and such.
  8. Admins can call for an "Admin Meeting" where they will discuss any major changes to the Wiki; this includes major changes to the theme design, policies, or any of the sort. The Wiki Adopter must be there for the decision to go forward. A consensus must be agreed upon before any changes can take place. Admin Meetings must be named as such "Admin Meeting 01 <Date>" "Admin Meeting 02 <Date>" etc.
  9. If a User becomes an Admin, they must accept these Policies before being given Administrative rights.
  10. If an Admin sees a page that is against the Rules of Fanon and is eligible for deletion then you must first tell the owner of the page that their Article is going to be deleted and give your reason. An Admin must not delete a page without any warning (Unless the creator of the page has been inactive and has not updated their fanon for a reasonable amount of time). If the User's page is against the Rules of Fanon by not having the right name, template etc you must first warn the Articles owner that they need to change the mistake. If no change is made within a Week (or after a third warning) inform the User that their page is being deleted.
  11. The Template below, or any of the sort, is to be used by Admins only! It is used so regular Users know that they are talking to an Admin. A regular User using this type of Template must stop using it or they will be punished.
  12. Admins may not not rename Fanon pages. Users who name their Fanon pages wrong must rename their pages themselves. If they do not rename their Fanon pages to the correct title (See the Rules of Fanon for more information) after multiple warnings then their Fanon page will be deleted and the User may be blocked.
  13. An Admin who loses their Administrative rights due to inactivity can not be eligible to be an Admin again for another six months. If an Admin loses their rights due to breaking the rules or any other form then they are not eligible to become an Admin again for another year.
  14. Bureaucrats can remove Admin rights from any other Administrator. However, a Bureaucrat should consult the Adopter of the Wiki first before removing Admin access from anyone.
  15. Any Admin or Bureaucrat who loses their rights will be messaged on their Message Wall on the day that they lose their rights. They will also be given only one week of an extension to set any affairs that they had as an Admin or Bureaucrat in order (ex: change locks on their own fanon pages, etc.). As a Bureaucrat's rights can only be removed by the Bureaucrat or by Wikia Staff, they will be asked to remove their own rights at the end of the extension. If they do not comply, Wikia Staff will be asked to do so.

These Policies are in effect from 15 August, 2015.

Change log

17 August, 2015 — Policy 10 came into effect.

20 August, 2015 — Policy 11 came into effect.

22 August, 2015 — Policy 11 is no longer in effect due to the Comments section and the Message Wall.

02 October, 2015 — Policy 12 came into effect.

03 October, 2015 — Policy 13 and 14 came into effect. Policy 12 is no longer needed due to information already being previously stated in Policy 10. Also Policy 10 was updated.

02 February, 2016 — Policy 13 was updated.

3 March, 2016 — Policy 15 was added.


All Administrators must sign their name here. This is to ensure that you agree to the Rules above, as well as the general Rules of the Wiki. If you do not agree with the Rules here or general Rules of the Wiki, you will not be eligible to become an Admin.
Please sign as follows: <Current Date>: I agree to the Policies of this Wikia — <Your signature>

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