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Aeneas is a soldier under training who was assigned to the Cadet. Since he's a knight wielding the Lance discipline, it can be guessed he was also under Girardot's teachings. He joins the Cadet during their training at Parousia Academy and he follows the Cadet during their battles against Dalkia, Halteese and Maletta. Once the war is over, he's assigned to another unit.

A year later he found out his former friend now lead a rebellion against Strife, and refuses to fight against him/her. However, his superior officer Aeolos turned him into a puppet of the Soul Edge using a fragment of Soul Edge and put him, among others, against the Cadet. After being freed from the curse, he joins Arthias against Strife.


He uses the weapons common to the Knight style - Lance. His weapon of choice as he stands against the cadet, is the Pilim Muralis.

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Aeneas
Aeneas of CotS

Sex: Male

Job: Knight

Weapon: Lance (2)

Alignment: Good/Light

Face: 02

Eyebrows: 08, 25

Lips: 02, 16

Eyes: 26, 25

Skin: 05, 17

Underwear: 01, 18

Voice: Young Man 1



Hair: Gelled Back (08, 25)



Lower Torso: Chain Mail (01, 27)

Mid Torso: Farmer's Shirt (02, 25) (05, 02)

Upper Torso: Cursed Gear (28, 08)

Arms: Dragon Gauntlets (28, 04)

Shoulders: Lord's Shoulders (28, 08)


Waist: Large Tasset (28, 08)

Lower Legs:--

Upper Legs: Hunter's Pants (18, 27)



Feet: Protective Greaves (27, 08)

Aeneas' Stats:

The Tutorial

Alignment: Good/Light (Water)

Job: Knight

Weapon: Heavy Lance

Level: 1

EXP: 0/300

HP: 260

STR: 81

VIT: 120

AGI: 91

Chronicle 18

Alignment: Good/Light (Water)

Job: Knight

Weapon: Heavy Lance

Level: 38

EXP: 25820/27360

HP: 424

STR: 137

VIT: 174

AGI: 107


Aeneas is also the name of a Trojan hero in Greek and Roman mythology. He was a Trojan hero who escaped after the fall of Troy and spent seven years traveling before settling near the site of Rome in Italy. His travels are the subject of Virgil's Aeneid.

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