Agave was a personal knight to Strife Astlar in Chronicles of the Sword. She uses the Wave Sword discipline and it is also noted that she can deliver high damage even to a Knight based character. It is also noted that a Dancer will be knocked out with roughly 5-7 attacks (Grapples or combination attacks should be evaded, or blocked. Impacts are ill-advised unless you are proficient with the

Agave profile
Agave fight

m.) She may possibly be the most powerful female enemy while not using an effect in game.

Chronicle 20

Agave appears in Soulcalibur IV in Tower of Lost Souls Descend mode using Sophitia's style.


Agave, in mythology, was the daughter of Cadmus, the king and founder of the city Thebes, Greece, and the goddess of Harmonia. Her sisters were Autonoe, Ino, and Semele. She also had a brother named Polydorus. Agave married Echion, one of five Spartoi, and she was mother to Pentheus, a king of Thebes. She also had a daughter, Epirus. She was a Maenad, a follower of Dionysos (also known as Bacchus in Roman mythology).


  • HP Drain C
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