Alphard 2

Alphard is a character in the Soulcalibur series of games. He is a burly, bearded man holding a pistol with a hatchet head on the barrel and a small blunderbuss. He is one of Dampierre's henchmen and his profile references him as The Unstoppable Cannonball Alphard.

Before he became one of Dampierre's subordinates, Alphard used to be a con man himself, one that Dampierre considered of "the same breed". He first met Dampierre when the latter beat him at a card game at a salon, and attempted to kill the con man in retribution, but backed off and accepted Dampierre's proposition for a duel, which Alphard intended to arrange. Dampierre instead got the better of him when he learned of his hideout and of Ludovigo, his partner, and sold them out to the authorities. Dampierre helped them escape arrest and showed them his own lair full of forged art pieces to show off his prowess as a master thief, and they offered their services in awe.

During their business in Toledo, Alphard lost all his money in another card game, which Dampierre had to win back.


  • His title was originally mistranslated as The One-Eyed Bombshell. On the artwork, it is obvious the one-eyed person is Gisele and the term 'bombshell' is usually used to describe attractive women. His title was correctly translated in the English version of New Legends of Project Soul.
  • He has a boar motif on both his pants and his belt buckle.
  • As of Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Alphard is the only one of Dampierre's henchmen who does not make an in-game appearance.
  • Alphard specializes in smuggling and blackmail.
  • He is known for having an excessively loud laugh.


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