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"Hope only brings disappointment. I know this, and yet... I live, so as not to lose."
— Amy

Amy Sorel (エイミ・ソレル, Eimi Soreru) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appears in the game Soulcalibur VI as the third downloadable character of the Season 1 Pass, and was released on March 26th, 2019[1]. This marks her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

She is nicknamed Winter Rose.


Soulcalibur VI

Born in the slums of Rouen in the French Empire, Amy grew up in a crucible filled with violence and cynicism. She quickly became resigned to her circumstances, convinced that hope was nothing more than fuel for despair.[2]

One day, a ruckus erupted within the slums. Amy was on her way back to where she slept when suddenly a man flew out from seemingly nowhere, colliding with her and knocking them both to the ground. The man appeared to be a noble, and Amy wondered what business he had in the slums.

The sound of soldiers' footsteps filled the air. The man was being chased...

It had not been Amy's intention to help him, and his plight inspired no compassion within her. Amy's sole interest was to spite the soldiers in return for the cruelty their kind had always shown her, nothing more.

She got them to leave by making up a lie only a pack of foolish soldiers would believe. However, the man was still there, staring at Amy as though he had made a prized discovery. In all her life, no had ever looked at her like that.

He asked her name and, upon hearing her answer, muttered it several times before beginning to weep. He expressed to her his profound thanks.

Together with the man, who called himself Raphael, Amy left the slums behind. The wheels of fate had been set into motion as Amy began walking her path with her own feet for the been set into motion as Amy began walking her path with her own feet for the first time, now face to face with that which she had rejected for so long: hope. As Amy prepared to depart, she began to think back on how much her life had changed.

From the time she agreed to come with Raphael, she found herself living a life unimaginable for a girl from the slume.

She had to learn to wield a sword to survive, as they had no shortage of enemies. She was now expected to be educated and exhibit proper manners in order to fit into his world. She wasn't sure how much of his life he actually wanted, but it didn't matter, so long as he was by her side.

She wanted to catch up to him.

After Raphael left on his journey, Amy sensed that something terrible lay in wait for him. She grabbed the hilt of her rapier, "Albion." A gift from Raphael, it was her symbol of hope, and a companion she hoped would light her way along the dark road ahead.

But something was wrong. Something important had escaped her mind, now lost in a haze of forgotten memories, but its shadow was beginning to loom over their lives...

Quietly, she prayed for there to be hope at the end of both of their paths.

Libra of Soul

Physical Appearance

Amy retains her physical appearance from the original timeline, with her small stature, red hair and green eyes.


Amy retains her cold demeanor from the original timeline, caring only for Raphael. Her voice indicates that she rarely shows emotions when not near Raphael.

Despite her cynical worldview, Amy finds happiness once she is raised and nourished by Raphael. She herself is shown to be worried of Raphael's well-being to the point she would embark on her journey to find him. Amy is shown to be weary of Azwel's motives, given that he manipulated her father into finding Soul Edge. Additionally, Amy is easily vexed by Azwel's flamboyant and pompous mannerisms, as shown in her dialogues when fighting him.


Amy's primary outfit, ever since her adoption by Raphael, consists of a plum and black gothic Lolita outfit, which consists of a black corset and skirt underneath a plum dress. She also wears black arm warmers and thigh-high stockings underneath black gloves on the hands and plum shoes on the feet. She wears a purple headdress, and her rose ornament is purple in this outfit.

Her Color 2 recolors the black parts dark blue and purple parts blue, as well as her purple parts white. She wears matching blue gloves and shoes, as well as a matching blue headdress in this color.

Her Color 3 is a reference to pink Lolitas since Amy wears a lolita-style dress. She wears white and pale pink, complete with white thigh-high stockings and arm warmers to go with white gloves and pale pink shoes. Her headdress is pink in this color, and her hair is recolored dark brown.

Her Color 4 is a reference to her alter-ego Viola where she retains the plum parts of the Color 1 costume but with the black parts recolored in the same blue as her Color 2 costume. She wears a blue headdress in this outfit, and her hair is recolored white.

Weapon & Style


When Raphael was betrayed and cornered by his own kind, it was Amy that came to his rescue, and from that day forward, his entire life changed. Amy became both his symbol of hope and the one person in the world he lived for.

When Amy had mastered the sword arts from Raphael’s lessons, he gave her a rapier as a gift. It was slightly smaller than usual, having been specially made just for her, and light enough that little physical strength was required to wield it effectively.

Amy had always accepted as truth the idea that despair comes from having hope, but if the time ever came in which she needed to embark in search of a light within the darkness, she now had her own symbol of hope: Albion, the sword from her adoptive father and mentor.

Modified La Rapière des Sorel

Over the space of a number of years, Amy learned how to use a rapier from Raphael in between his frequent travels. He had insisted she learn to defend herself against the dangers of the world, and while Amy had kept herself closed off to others, Raphael was the one person to whom she had opened up. It was not long before he became a mentor to her.

During their Modified La Rapière des Sorel lessons, Raphael made a promise to Amy, saying that he would grant her one wish when she proved herself to be a true swordswoman. It is unclear how much motivation this actually provided, but what is certain is the bond they formed during their rigorous training. Gifted with extraordinary intuition and a keen sense of observation, Amy would at times surprise Raphael with her seemingly innate talent. Always resourceful, she adapted Modified La Rapière des Sorel into a style that was all her own, fully internalizing the sword techniques developed by the House of Sorel to survive the political battles of aristocracy.

Amy’s fighting style places less emphasis on landing a single, decisive blow, and more on exploiting openings with precise attacks until her opponent goes down. Using tactics such as throwing a rose at her opponent to gauge their reflexes and habits, she focuses on ascertaining her enemy’s movements and then using that knowledge to subdue them.

Critical Edge

Amy basically has three Critical Edge which gain new properties following her Red and White Rose Perceptions.

In all of them, Amy spins and takes a few steps forward, proclaiming "Time for bed!" and drawing her blade back to the finger of her right hand. She then crouches and uppercuts the opponent with her rapier, flipping and staying upside-down midair in the progress. As the enemy falls, she starts spinning, hitting her opponent many times, showering the air with red and white petals. For the final hit, she flips right-side up and charges her rapier with red energy, saying "Sleep eternally." She stabs it forward, shooting the red energy in a beam toward her opponent.

Depending on her Perceptions, the Critical Edge will have different properties and visual effects.

Aléa Rouge: This Critical Edge is performed by pressing A+B+K. It deals consistent damage. If Red Rose Perception's at max, a mystical red aura will emanate from Amy as she triggers it and spins in the air. She will deal more damage as well as steal some gauge from her opponent.

Aléa Blanc: This Critical Edge is performed by pressing 6A+B+K. It deals less damage than the "Rouge" version but is faster by 4 frames, making it more useful as a punish. If White Rose Perception's at max, a mystical white aura will emanate from Amy as she triggers it and spins in the air. She will deal more damage as well as heal her guard gauge.

Rose Mystique: This Critical Edge is only available once both Amy's Red and White Roses Perceptions are at max. Not only does it get Aléa Rouge and Aléa Blanc properties but it also deals even more damage, making this Critical Edge one of the most powerful in the game. Rose Mystique is as fast as Aléa Blanc, heals Amy's guard gauge and steals her opponent's soul gauge while dealing dramatic damage much like Aléa Rouge.



Soulcalibur VI

Cursed Moonlit Woods


Soulcalibur VI

  • "Pain makes people talk." — Character Selection, 1P
  • "Have you ever felt...despair?" — Character Selection, 2P
  • "If I died... He would be very upset."
  • "You want a fight? That's fine with me."
  • "I see... But I cannot lose here."
  • "Is that... truly so important to you?"
  • "Raphael.. No holding back on me." — spoken when engaging a battle with Raphael.
  • "That weapon... A Bird of Passage?" — spoken when engaging a battle with Tira.
  • "You disgust me. What are you plotting?" — spoken when engaging a battle with Azwel.
  • "For one to gain, another must lose... It's such a cruel world."
  • "You care for far too many things."
  • "The words of a loser... are meaningless."
  • "Hope only brings disappointment."
  • "I think I deserved a reward... Maybe some hot chocolate?" — Spoken after being victorious against Raphael.
  • "Pursuer or not, this is where you meet your end." — Spoken after being victorious against Tira.
  • "Goodbye... Now don't bother us again."— Spoken after being victorious against Azwel.
  • "Unfortunately, it's time to end this!" — spoken when activating Soul Charge.
  • "These techniques breathe life into me!" — spoken when activating Soul Charge on low health.
  • "Curiosity... killed the cat." — spoken when activating Soul Charge against Azwel
  • "I don't understand... That hair..." — spoken during Reversal Edge on Maxi
  • "You're looking smug." — spoken during Reversal Edge on Azwel (offensive quote)
  • "Wipe that smirk off your face." — spoken during Reversal Edge on Azwel (defensive quote)
  • "Are you go for real?" — spoken when activating Soul Charge against Raphael
  • "Don't talk so loud." — spoken during Reversal Edge against loud characters (such as Mitsurugi and Siegfried)
  • "Maybe you should sharpen your blade."
  • "Great job... teacher."
  • "Nowhere to run!"
  • "One more will do it."
  • "You're open."
  • "I think I win this one."
  • "Go ahead, try me."
  • "Whoops."
  • "How obvious." — spoken when dodging Reversal Edge
  • "I was waiting for that." — spoken when dodging Reversal Edge
  • "Time for bed." — spoken when activating Critical Edge
  • "I'm going to shut you up!" — spoken when activating Critical Edge on Azwel.
  • "Sleep eternally." — spoken in final hit of Critical Edge.
  • "Had enough?" — spoken after Critical Edge
  • "I live... so as not to lose." — spoken after finishing a round with Critical Edge
  • "I will not be anyone's puppet." — spoken after defeating Azwel with Critical Edge
  • "Raphael, I told you not to hold back." — spoken after defeating Raphael with Critical Edge
  • "Checkmate."
  • "I win."
  • "Nuisance."
  • "Pitiful."
  • "High." – spoken when performing Biondetta Parry
  • "Middle." – spoken when performing Lilith Parry
  • "Low." – spoken when performing Merrow Parry
  • "Let's finish this!"
  • "Not a problem." – spoken upon blocking Reversal Edge
  • "I thought that might happen." – spoken upon blocking Reversal Edge
  • "Wounded animals are the most vicious." – spoken upon blocking Reversal Edge
  • "I'm not shaking..." – spoken upon blocking Reversal Edge while low on health
  • "I'm not afraid of pain." – spoken upon blocking Reversal Edge while low on health
  • "Do you enjoy... pain?" – spoken upon landing Reversal Edge
  • "I won't let up!" — spoken upon landing Reversal Edge
  • "So predictable." — spoken upon landing Reversal Edge
  • "You're not bad." — spoken upon landing Reversal Edge while low on health
  • "I will end this!" — spoken upon landing Reversal Edge while low on health
  • "Watch and learn."
  • "Allez!"
  • "En passant!"
  • "Coup de grâce!"
  • "En garde"
  • "You... annoy me!"
  • "Not a problem."
  • "Here's a gift."
  • "How about this?"
  • "What about this?"
  • "Good luck."
  • "So weak!"
  • "Your back... is wide-open."
  • "It's over."
  • "I give up." — spoken after losing by Ring Out
  • "Ridiculous." — spoken after losing by Ring Out a second time
  • "It's my turn now." - spoken when activating Reversal Edge to Raphael
  • "I've seen that move." – spoken when activating Reversal Edge to Raphael
  • "I like moments like this." – spoken when activating Reversal Edge to Raphael
  • *sigh* "You seem happy." — spoken when taunting Raphael.
  • "Going a bad habit." — spoken when taunting a KO'd Raphael.
  • *sigh* "Filth!" — spoken when taunting Azwel.
  • *sigh* "Fiend!" — spoken when taunting evil characters such as Nightmare, Cervantes, or Inferno.
  • *sigh* "You're too loud!" — spoken when taunting loud characters such as Siegfried and Mitsurugi
  • *sigh* "Dog!" — spoken when taunting Grøh
  • *sigh* "Freak!" — spoken when taunting Voldo
  • *sigh* "Pawn!" — spoken when taunting Astaroth
  • *sigh* "Brawn, no brain!" — spoken when taunting Zasalamel or Geralt
  • *sigh* "Your back hurt?" — spoken when taunting Ivy, Taki, or Sophitia.
  • "If I lose, I'll lose everything..." — spoken after losing by Time Out
  • "Hmph! How boring." — spoken after losing to Raphael by Time Out
  • "I know that look." — spoken after losing to Azwel by Time Out
  • *sigh* "You look weak." — spoken when taunting an opponent.
  • "Now you know... the meaning of pain." — spoken when taunting a KO'd opponent.
  • "The sword arts are peerless." — spoken when opponent reaches decisive round.
  • "One night... awaits us all." — spoken during the final round.
  • "I'm not done just yet."
  • "Running out of breath?" — spoken when Raphael reaches decisive round.
  • "If you lay a finger on him..." — spoken when Azwel reaches decisive round.
  • " dance."
  • "I've had enough!" — spoken during Guard Crush
  • "I hate defending!" — spoken during Guard Crush
  • "Just you wait!" — spoken when KO'd by Raphael
  • "Raphael...!" — spoken when KO'd by Azwel
  • *pant* "Ra...pha..." — standing KO
  • "How dull." — Recovery Roll
  • "Sloppy." — Recovery Roll
  • "Hmph!" — Recovery Roll
  • "I knew it!"
  • "You dummy!"


  • Rescued Raphael from certain death and was later adopted by him.
  • Alter-ego of Viola
  • Was assaulted by Azwel, who erased the memory of their encounter afterwards.



SOULCALIBUR VI - Amy Character Reveal Trailer PS4, X1, PC


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