"Hope only brings disappointment. I know this, and yet... I live, so as not to lose."
— Amy

Amy Sorel (エイミ・ソレル, Eimi Soreru) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appears in the game Soulcalibur VI as the third downloadable character. This marks her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline. She is nicknamed Winter Rose.

She was released on March 26th, 2019[1]


Born in the slums of Rouen in the French Empire, Amy grew up in a crucible filled with violence, cynicism, and despair. But as fate would have it, a chance encounter with Raphael would change her life forever and set her on a path to become a great sword wielding warrior in her own right.[2]

Physical Appearance


Amy retains her cold demeanor from the original timeline, caring only for Raphael. Her voice indicates that she rarely shows emotions when not near Raphael.

Despite her cynical worldview, Amy finds happiness once she is raised and nourished by Raphael. She herself is shown to be worried of Raphael's well-being to the point she would embark on her journey to find him. Amy is shown to be weary of Azwel's motives, given that he manipulated her father into finding Soul Edge. Additionally, Amy is easily vexed by Azwel's flamboyant and pompous mannerisms, as shown in her dialogues when fighting him.


Fighting Style


Modified La Rapière des Sorel

This fighting style is inspired by Raphael's fighting style, although there are changes, such as quick attacks and usage of red, glowing roses to defeat the opponent.

Amy's style consists in a unique mechanic called Rose Perceptions. Some moves gain new extensions if she succeeds in throwing out enough roses (red or white) onto her opponent during the whole battle. Rose petals appears while performing some moves when a Perception is at max. Each Perception has its purpose, properties and new moves.

If Amy succeeds in hitting her opponent four times with a red rose, her Red Rose Perception is at max. Red Rose Perception makes Amy a more offensive character. Consequently, some moves will gain new extensions. Amaryllis Spin is faster and travels a longer distance. Some quick moves gain a new extension for higher damage.

If Amy succeeds in hitting her opponent four times with a white rose, her White Rose Perception is at max. Unlike Red Rose Perception, White Rose Perception makes Amy a more defensive character. Some moves also gain extensions. Her Biondetta, Merrow and Lilith parries trigger their auto-Guard Impact faster and, if successful in reflecting a hit, her guard gauge gets restored. White Rose Perception also allows her to more easily deal lethal hits. On normal circumstances, lethal hit can only be dealt during the second clash. However, Amy can deal a lethal hit during Reversal's Edge first turn if her White Rose Perception is at max.

Critical Edge

Amy basically has three Critical Edge which gain new properties following Amy's Red and White Rose Perceptions.

In all of them, Amy spins and takes a few steps forward, proclaiming "Time for bed!" and drawing her blade back to the finger of her right hand. She then crouches and uppercuts the opponent with her rapier, flipping and staying upside-down midair in the progress. As the enemy falls, she starts spinning, hitting her opponent many times, showering the air with red and white petals. For the final hit, she flips right-side up and charges her rapier with red energy, saying "Sleep eternally." She stabs it forward, shooting the red energy in a beam toward her opponent.

Depending on her Perceptions, the Critical Edge will have different properties and visual effects.

Aléa Rouge: This Critical Edge is performed by pressing A+B+K. It deals consistent damage. If Red Rose Perception's at max, a mystical red aura will emanate from Amy as she triggers it and spins in the air. She will deal more damage as well as steal some gauge from her opponent.

Aléa Blanc: This Critical Edge is performed by pressing 6A+B+K. It deals less damage than the "Rouge" version but is faster by 4 frames, making it more useful as a punish. If White Rose Perception's at max, a mystical white aura will emanate from Amy as she triggers it and spins in the air. She will deal more damage as well as heal her guard gauge.

Rose Mystique: This Critical Edge is only available once both Amy's Red and White Roses Perceptions are at max. Not only does it get Aléa Rouge and Aléa Blanc properties but it also deals even more damage, making this Critical Edge one of the most powerful in the game. Rose Mystique is as fast as Aléa Blanc, heals Amy's guard gauge and steals her opponent's soul gauge while dealing dramatic damage.



Soulcalibur VI

  • "Pain makes people talk." — Character Selection, 1P
  • "Have you ever felt...despair?" — Character Selection, 2P
  • "If I died... He would be very upset."
  • "You want a fight? That's fine with me."
  • "I see... But I cannot lose here."
  • "Is that... truly so important to you?"
  • "Raphael.. No holding back on me." — spoken when engaging a battle with Raphael.
  • "That weapon... A Bird of Passage?" — spoken when engaging a battle with Tira.
  • "You disgust me. What are you plotting?" — spoken when engaging a battle with Azwel.
  • "For one to gain, another must lose... It's such a cruel world."
  • "You care for far too many things."
  • "The words of a loser... are meaningless."
  • "Hope only brings disappointment."
  • "I think I deserved a reward... Maybe some hot chocolate?" — Spoken after being victorious against Raphael.
  • "Pursuer or not, this is where you meet your end." — Spoken after being victorious against Tira.
  • "Goodbye... Now don't bother us again."— Spoken after being victorious against Azwel.
  • "Unfortunately... it's time to end this!" — spoken when activating Soul Charge.
  • "These techniques... breathe life into me!" — spoken when activating Soul Charge on low health.
  • "Curiosity... killed the cat." — spoken when activating Soul Charge on Azwel
  • "That hair..." — spoken during Reversal Edge on Maxi.
  • "Maybe you should sharpen your blade."
  • "Great job...teacher."
  • "I like moments like this."
  • "Nowhere to run!"
  • "One more will do it."
  • "You're open."
  • "You're looking smug."
  • "Wipe that smirk off your face."
  • "It's my turn now."
  • "I've seen that move."
  • "I think I win this one."
  • "Don't talk so loud."
  • "Go ahead, try me."
  • "Whoops."
  • "How obvious."
  • "I was waiting for that."
  • "Time for bed." — spoken when activating Critical Edge
  • "I'm going to shut you up!" — spoken when activating Critical Edge on Azwel.
  • "Sleep eternally." — spoken in final hit of Critical Edge.
  • "Had enough?" — spoken after Critical Edge
  • "I live... so as not to lose." — spoken after finishing a round with Critical Edge
  • "I will not be anyone's puppet." — spoken after defeating Azwel with Critical Edge
  • "Raphael, I told you not to hold back." — spoken after defeating Raphael with Critical Edge
  • "Checkmate."
  • "Nuisance"
  • "Pitiful"
  • "High." – spoken when performing Biondetta Parry
  • "Middle." – spoken when performing Merrow Parry
  • "Low." – spoken when performing Lilith Parry
  • "Let's finish this!" – spoken upon landing Reversal Edge
  • "Do you enjoy... pain?" – spoken upon landing Reversal Edge
  • "You're not bad."
  • "I will end this!"
  • "Watch and learn."
  • "Allez!"
  • "En passant!"
  • "Coup de grâce!"
  • "En garde"
  • "You... annoy me!"
  • "Not a problem."
  • "Wounded animals are the most vicious."
  • "I thought that might happen."
  • "How about this?"
  • "I'm not shaking..."
  • "I'm not afraid of pain."
  • "Good luck."
  • "So weak!"
  • "Your back... is wide-open."
  • "I won't let up!"
  • "It's over."
  • "So predictable."
  • "I was waiting for that."
  • "So obvious."
  • "I give up." — spoken after losing by Ring Out
  • "Ridiculous." — spoken after losing by Ring Out a second time
  • "It's my turn now." - spoken when activating Reversal Edge to Raphael
  • "You seem happy." — spoken when taunting Raphael.
  • "Filth!" — spoken when taunting Azwel.
  • *sigh* "Your back hurt?" — spoken when taunting Ivy, Taki, or Sophitia.
  • "If I lose, I'll lose everything..." — spoken after losing by Time Out
  • "Hmph! How boring."
  • "I know that look."
  • "You look weak." — spoken when taunting an opponent.
  • "Now you know...the meaning of pain." — spoken when taunting a KO'd opponent.
  • "The sword arts are peerless."
  • "One night... awaits us all."
  • "I'm not done just yet."
  • "Running out of breath?"
  • "If you lay a finger on him..."
  • "I've had enough!" — spoken during Guard Crush
  • "I hate defending!" — spoken during Guard Crush


  • Raphael - Foster father and mentor, they met by chance when Raphael was on the run from the authorities.
  • Viola - Alter-ego.


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