Soul Edge

Fight through 11 stages.

Soulcalibur II

Normal Arcade Mode. (1 or 2 Players)

Soulcalibur IV

Fight through 8 stages without equipment and weapon effect. The final score will be ranked.

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny

  • In Trial of Defense mode you will have Algol a the final boss, Nightmare or Siegfried as the second last boss, and Kratos and Dampierre will serve as mid-bosses. Your would fight characters in the following order:
    • Kilik, Maxi, Dampierre, Xianghua, Zasalamel, Kratos, Nightmare, Algol.
    • Taki, Mitsurugi, Dampierre, Rock, Yoshimitsu, Kratos, Nightmare, Algol.
    • Ivy, Raphael, Dampierre, Amy, Cervantes, Kratos, Nightmare, Algol.
    • Cassandra, Astaroth, Dampierre, Tira, Sophitia, Kratos, Siegfried, Algol
    • Talim, Seong Mina, Dampierre, Setsuka, Yun-seong, Kratos, Siegfried, Algol.
    • Hilde, Lizardman, Dampieere, Taki, Voldo, Kratos, Siegfried, Algol.
  • In Trial of Attack, you would find random sets of routes with ordered set of characters in 5 stages like Trial of Defense. Kratos and Dampierre will serve as random mid-bosses in stage 2 or stage 4, while Siegfried or Nightmare will serve as the final boss in Trial of Attack. In this mode, the only chatacter you would not fight is Algol. The following is a list of random routes in trial of attack (note Dampierre or Kratos may not be in the order below as you play and same may go for Siegfried or Nightmare below):
    • Taki, Dampierre, Mitsurugi, Kratos, Nightmare
    • Setsuka, Dampierre, Yoshimitsu, Kratos, Siegfried
    • Kilik, Dampierre, Maxi, Kratos, Nightmare
    • Kilik, Dampierre, Xianghua, Kratos, Siegfried
    • Talim Dampierre, Yun-seong, Kratos, Siegfried
    • Talim Dampierre, Zasalamel, Kratos, Nightmare
    • Yun-seong, Dampierre, Seong-Mina, Kratos, Siegfried
    • Rock, Dampierre, Astaroth, Kratos, Nightmare
    • Raphael, Dampierre, Amy, Kratos, Nightmare
    • Ivy, Dampierre, Cervantes, Kratos, Siegfried
    • Hilde, Dampierre, Cassandra, Kratos, Siegfried
    • Sophitia, Dampierre, Tira, Kratos, Nightmare
    • Canssandra, Dampierre, Sophitia, Kratos, Siegfried
    • Lizardman, Dampierre, Voldo, Kratos, Nightmare

Soulcalibur V

Fight your way through 6 consecutive stages. Much like Soulcalibur IV, your clear time will be ranked.


  • Standard: This is the basic route (with Nightmare as the final boss)
  • Europe: Characters from Europe will appear in this route (with Cervantes as the final boss)
    • Characters would be fought in the following order:
      • Pyrrha, Ivy, Viola, Hilde, Z.W.E.I., Cervantes
  • Asia: Characters from Asia will appear in this route (with Kilik as the final boss)
    • Characters would be fought in the following order:
      • Leixia, Xiba, Natsu, Yoshimitsu, Maxi, Kilik
  • Leaderboard: Route for leaderboards. (with Siegfried as the final boss)
    • Stage 5 will be Ezio Auditore.
    • Characters would be fought in the following order:
      • Patroklos, Tira, Mitsurugi, Astaroth, Ezio, Siegfried
  • Extra: Face 6 random opponents in a different camera angle (Algol, Α Patroklos, Cervantes, Edge Master, Elysium, Ezio Auditore, Kilik, Nightmare, Pyrrha Ω and Siegfried will serve as a random Sub Boss and Final Boss)

Soulcalibur VI

Fight through 8 stages in Arcade. The mid-boss and final boss will change, depends on which difficulty you selected.

  • Easy: Nightmare
  • Normal: Geralt
  • Hard: Grøh
  • Very Hard: Azwel
  • Legendary: Inferno


  • Soulcalibur III is the only game that does not have arcade mode.