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"What are you so afraid of?"
— Ashlotte

Ashlotte Maedel (アシュロット・メーデル Ashurotto Mēderu) is a bonus character in Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Ito Ōgure. She is a creation of Fygul Cestemus.

Her weapon, named Krnielk, is an axe with a lance on one end and an axe-like blade on the other that resembles an iron maiden. Like all of the bonus characters, Ashlotte's moveset is recycled from one of the main characters'; she uses the same moveset as Astaroth, which is ironic, having the same moveset as the person she was designed to kill (obviously to match his battle techniques). Oddly, since she is smaller in stature, her throws have an 'invisible' distance between her hands and the opponent. Because of this, fans have theorized that she may have telekenetic abilities.

What lies in her soul is Honesty.


As a living 'Machine', Ashlotte's design focuses on her inhuman appearance with a heart like window in her chest. Her internal cogs and wheels are visible through this. She wears a bonnet-like hat with a red bow and wire halo that boarders her face. Her 'dress' appears to be made from several metal sheets covered by a crinoline. Beneath this is a white ruffled skirt and torn black tights with black strapped shoes. Her design appears to have a steam punk vibe to it, with the old world fashion combined with the mechanical.


Fygul Cestemus had been pushed to the brink of annihilation by Astaroth, with the cult's survivors doing their best to preserve their lives. Eventually, two priests who survived the struggles came up with a plan of taking down Astaroth. Since attempts to control the golem, who was created based on a human, all ended in failure, they decided to make a soldier that has no soul.

Eventually, she, or "it" as it isn't a living thing, was completed. An artistic mass of gears and shafts locked together in an intricate and arcane configuration, what the world would call a "machine", made this executioner doll tick, while features of unparalleled grace masked the mechanical components within. However, although she could talk and act like a normal human, she had no emotions and was set on her goal of eradicating Astaroth.

Given the name Ashlotte Maedel, she emerged beneath the sunlight, sending tremors through the hall-collapsed underground shrine, making it crumble into ruin. She was not distracted by the destruction; she simply set off across the desert to complete her appointed task.

Ashlotte was originally tasked with retrieving Astaroth, but since she didn't get there in time before Maxi took care of him, she just settled for his core.

Critical Finish

Eternal Damnation: Just like Astaroth, Ashlotte sends her opponent crashing to the ground before she catches them on the end of her cult. She then drags them around the arena before sending them sailing into the air. The symbol of Palgaea will appear when she stabs her Axe on the ground, but the color is violet instead of yellow.

Soulcalibur IV ending

Ashlotte manages to kill Astaroth and drags his body back to the priests that created her as proof. She then becomes deactivated, awaiting her future orders.

The text-only epilogue reveals this: She and the cult both disappeared into oblivion and the sands of time remain quiet.


Despite being a robot, Ashlotte has a very considerate personality. She seems outwardly kind and thoughtful, often assessing her opponent by asking them who they are or what they are afraid of. This gentle aspect of her persona greatly opposes her brutal strength and determination to destroy Astaroth at the request of her Cult. She will often utter phrases like "Poor thing..." and "How pitiful." before facing an opponent, giving a suggestion of empathy. Ashlotte will speak kindly to the opponent after defeating them with quotes like "Don't be too hard on yourself." and "You should rest for a while." again alluding to her somewhat gentle and caring side.

Her story mentions that she is a machine that can act and speak like a human but possess no true emotions. However, determination could be a trait applied to Ashlotte in her pursuit of Astaroth for the Cult. Although this was what she was created for. Overall, her kindness seems to be a mask which allows her to function like a normal human but her true motives are to hunt down Astaroth.



Soulcalibur IV

  • What are you so afraid of?
  • Please, tell me who you are.
  • You should rest for a while.
  • Dirty hands cannot wipe away your tears.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself.
  • Poor thing...
  • Strength does not always lead to the truth.
  • How pitiful.
  • I can feel your determination.
  • Silence!
  • I shall part you from your karma.
  • Peace cannot be attained through conflict.
  • Now, atone for your sins.
  • You only need to ask for salvation.
  • You lack any real power.
  • Pray for forgiveness!
  • So, you're willing to throw your life away.
  • Strength can only be achieved by accepting your weaknesses.
  • Pray.
  • This is the end!
  • Please Understand!
  • I understand, Now come.
  • Here I go!
  • Over here!
  • No!
  • I won't forgive you!
  • Don't get up!
  • Calm down!
  • Repent...for your sins!
  • Withdraw your weapon!
  • This ends now!
  • Understand?!
  • Useless!
  • That is enough!
  • Please!
  • You still don't understand.
  • You stubborn.....fool!
  • It hurts doesn't it?
  • This will be a test...
  • Let's finish this.
  • Judgment.
  • This is for own good.
  • Give up!
  • You must get up.
  • This should wake you up!
  • Do not...struggle!
  • Don't wake up....please.
  • How sad.
  • Troubled Soul!
  • Come here.
  • Bring peace to those without guidance!
  • You coveted what you could not obtain.
  • Take this!
  • You can't be saved.
  • No escape.



  • Unlike the guest characters in both Soulcalibur IV and previous games, Ashlotte is included in a relationship chart released alongside Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, in spite of her absence from that game, unlike the actual guest characters. It should be noted that the chart excludes non canon elements like crossover characters and story elements from Broken Destiny's Gauntlet mode, yet still includes Ashlotte and other Soulcalibur IV bonus characters.
  • Differently from the other bonus characters in Soulcalibur IV, Ashlotte has a direct background connection to one of the characters in Soulcalibur IV itself and is the only bonus character whose actions have directly affected the storyline of a main character.
  • Ashlotte can be unlocked with her "template"; she is encountered in Astaroth's Story Mode, probably due to the fact that she is charged with the task of destroying him. This trait is shared with Shura, who can be unlocked using Cervantes.
  • "Mädel" is a German word for "Girl".
  • Some of her quotes are used in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.
  • Even though Ashlotte uses the same moveset as Astaroth, she uses the victory poses of Rock.
  • Ashlotte shares the same victory quotes with Amy in the Japanese version of the game, due to to the fact that both characters voiced by the same voice actress, Hitomi Nabatame.
  • In Soulcalibur V, Ashlotte is referenced in the new Astaroth's biography, where she is said to have retrieved the original Astaroth's "core" and to have returned it to the cult. Despite not being mentioned by name, the backstory and description of the "mechanical woman" points directly towards Ashlotte and her role in Soulcalibur IV, confirming that her story is canonical, though she doesn't kill Astaroth herself as her ending showed.
  • Ashlotte appears in other stories that have a connection to Fygul Cestemus, such as Lizardman's (a creation of theirs), Rock's (used as a template for Astaroth), and Maxi's (whose crew was slaughtered by Astaroth).
  • Oddly, despite having a direct connection with Astaroth in story, she is depicted alongside Voldo in official art.
  • Her sub-boss title is 'Cult's Vanguard'.
  • There is a "Race" in the Character Creation in Soulcalibur VI named "Automaton" which is a reference to Ashlotte.



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