Aspiration & Tribulation is one of Azwel's weapons in Soulcalibur VI.


Long ago, Azwel contracted a crippling disease that robbed him of effective use of his limbs. This, in turn, made research into waves of "volition" personally important to him. These waves were used to great effect to transfer physical power through flesh and were also employed in the creation of weaponry - in particular, the Ax of Chaos. Pleased at the success, Azwel operated on himself, inserting metal that would act as a catalyst for volition waves. Heareafter, by using the Palindrome, he was ability to dramatically enhance his physical abilities.

The following excerpt was found in the sage's research data. The writing is sharp and forceful, indicating his excitement.

"I must pay my deepest respects to the disease that once tormented me. Knowledge and will are tempered by pain, and hope is carried in the arms of torment. This is the only route to zohar (Hebrew for radiance). The pattern carved into my body is but a fraction of humanity's dumanis (Ancient Greek for potential). Be that as it may, removing one link in the chain of fate brings such vibrancy to humanity's chiaroscuro of desire and despair!"

Note: Parenthetical comments are translations for clarification"


Azwel's formed weapons are a faded violet for Soul Calibur and light yellow for Soul Edge.


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