Astral Chaos
Background music Venice Rooftops (SCV Mix)
Home to Ezio Auditore da Firenze
"Here, where souls gather, your soul defines everything!"
— Narrator

This stage is an open circular platform with ring-out possibilities to all sides. [1] All sorts of fragments, from the mortal world, float in the background.

Astral Chaos is an alternate dimension and the final resting place of souls which have been devoured by Soul Edge. The core of Astral Chaos, the "Star of Chaos", is surrounded by multiple souls which have blended together. Astral Chaos, the Void, the Other World, or just simply Chaos are all names by which this mysterious dimension is known. Chaos can be seen as both a manifestation of Soul Edge's own inner world as well as the "other side" of our own world. 

Astral Chaos serves as the key to Soul Edge's continued survival. Each time the physical blade is shattered, the spirit of the sword retreats into Astral Chaos until it's servants are able to gather enough fragments to restore the sword.


  • A variation of the stage exists as Astral Chaos: Pathway.
  • This stage appears in the opening of the Story Mode for Soulcalibur V.
  • Astral Chaos was one of the earliest designed stage for Soulcalibur V, due to it being used as the main menu background, the menu of which is called the Astral Home.
  • The fighting space of the stage appears to resemble Algol's Tower of Remembrance.
  • This stage also highly resembles Chaos - Spiritual Realm in the background.
  • In Arcade and Quick Battle modes, it is Α Patroklos' stage.


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