Auguste is a minor character that appears in the Story mode of Soulcalibur IV. He is one of Raphael's servants, and a non-playable character that fights with Yun-seong's style and his Weapon, Ramdao. He wears a wolf head over his face, and appears in Raphael's ending, along with Marienbard. During the ending, they are both killed by Raphael by having their throats slit.


Soul Calibur IV

  • Shut up and come on!
  • Fight like your life depends on it.
  • Okay, okay, how mighty you are.
  • I wouldn't if I were you! (when attacking)
  • Shut up!
  • Effort does not equal victory, dumb ass!
  • I don't have time for corpses.
  • Have fun in the afterlife.
  • You better keep me amused.
  • Dumb ass!
  • Nothing is happening.
  • Master? Raphael?
  • Why?
  • Dang...I lost
  • You stink
  • You want me to apologise or something?
  • What are you, a crybaby?
  • I'll break your skull!
  • You irritate me!
  • Prepare for a funeral... (Critical Finish).

Create-a-Soul Formula

Soul Calibur IV

Name: Auguste

Gender: Male

Style: Yun Seong

Weapon: Ramdao

Alignment: None

Head: Werewolf [3-7-25]

Face: ----

Neck: Guardian's Neck Cloth [7-8-10]

Shoulder: ----

Undergarments: ----

Upper Body: Worker's Shirt [3-18-25/9-40-25/4-5-19/0-1-19]

Arm: Asura Bracelets [5-42-25/5-10-25/2-7-17]

Lower Body: Slacks [1-10-16]

Ankle: ----

Feet: ----

Special: ----

Physique: +20/+30

Voice: Male Voice 4 Pitch: +0

Hair: Any

Face: Any

Hair Color: Any

Eye Color: Any

Skin Color: [3-3-3]

Base Equipment Color: [0-1-1]

Attack: 119%

Defense: 98%

HP: 115%



  • Although he does appear and gets killed by Raphael in his ending, in Amy's ending (which is a parody of Raphael's), Jacqueline is featured instead with the same animations and dialogue. It's unknown who Raphael killed between them.
  • In Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, he is called by Marienbard in Chapter 9-3, but he is never seen.
  • He uses Yun-Seong's fighting style, but is a little weaker than him because he is fought in story mode while he is wearing weak clothing.
  • Oddly enough, Auguste still can be created in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.
  • Raphael is a vampire, yet werewolves and vampires are often considered opposites and enemies. However, the mask may be just that, a mask, and Auguste is not a werewolf at all. This is highly probable because he does not have fur on the rest of his skin.
  • Unlike Marinebard and Jaqueline, his appearance does not change from when Raphael first fights him to when he is on Raphael's side.
  • He is similar to Tekken's King, as he wears an animal mask with its mouth open. Though, unlike King, Auguste wears a wolf mask where King wears a Jaguar Mask and even more unlike King, Auguste speaks in a human language where King speaks in Growls.
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