"What a thrill to see a human on the brink of death abandon their sense of reason for despair or hope! It is like the sweetest nectar to me! I could never grow tired of the human race!"
— Azwel

Azwel (アズウェル, Azūeru) is a brand new character in the Soul series of fighting games. He first appeared in Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline. He is the main antagonist of Libra of Soul's story mode, and is nicknamed Leader of Humanity (人類の教導者 Jinrui no Kyōdōsha?).


Azwel is a man of extraordinary intelligence and a scholar in many fields, including history, medicine, war, and art. His studies about the history of humanity brought him to the conclusion that humanity would self-destruct through wars and other calamities. His genius was such that he became one of the twelve leading members of the Aval Organization despite the others acknowledging his lack of loyalty and the fact that he could easily betray them the moment their goals no longer aligned. His fanatical love for the people led him to enact a terrifying plan to save them from themselves.

His weapon is named Palindrome, a pair of gauntlets. The right gauntlet includes a fragment of Soul Edge, while the left one has a piece of Soul Calibur. Azwel draws his power from their memories of past battles, preserved within those fragments. While he appears unarmed, his gauntlets allow him to summon a variety of deadly weapons, which he can use with brutal effects.[1]

Physical Appearance

Azwel is a middle aged man of average size with sickly pale skin and scar-like markings stretching across his body, many of which meet at the center of his forehead and shoulder length purple hair. When Soul Charged, his markings glow purple and his eyes a bright yellow, with arms covered in a red and blue crystalline material.


Azwel is a cunning and charismatic genius who possesses mannerisms of a playwright with a messiah complex who advocates his love for humanity. Underneath it all, however, Azwel comes off as irredeemably cruel, self-aggrandizing, spiteful, and sociopathic sadist. His warped idea of "love" for humans is merely for his own self-gratification and can be likened to that of psychological abuse and emotional manipulation he inflicts to his victims, especially through his experiments. He also made no hesitation in remorselessly murdering any high-ranking members of the Aval Organization when they became suspicious of his schemes, including Grøh's master, Orzal.


Azwel wears a dark robe, the lower portion of which has several yellow tails covering the legs, and the upper portion of which has a golden stole around it. Both his upper and lower portion feature an eye decoration. His weapon, the Palindrome, appears as a pair of golden gauntlets with fragments of the cursed and spirit swords embedded on the back of the hands. His alternate color recolors his outfit to white and gives him blond hair. It also recolors his stole red and blue depending on which side his hand glows.

In update 1.40, Azwel gains two more colors to his costume. His third outfit recolors his robe yellow and stole purple while giving him white hair, while his fourth outfit recolors his entire outfit all white, while retaining his black hair from Color 1.

Fighting Style

This style grants the unique ability to produce dual swords, a giant axe, and a spear-and-shield combination out of thin air. Not technically a fighting style per se, the combat techniques used here are a product of Azwel's "martial philosophy and theory," and the weapons crafted from a special device he made in his pursuit of "saving" the human race.

Beyond simple slashes and strikes, this style boasts a host of unorthodox techniques-weapons are turned into projectiles, and blades are even manipulated mid-air to fall upon a surprised opponent in one deadly rush.

Because an opponent has no idea what they will have a tough time anticipating just what sort of attack will come at them next. On the other hand, it requires intense concentration to create and maintain weapons, making it hard for a wielder to move their physical body while controlling them.

Once a weapon has been produced, it can be reproduced more quickly (the weapon "modes" referenced in the move list), adding a layer of depth that must be considered when forming a long-term strategy. Azwel also has certain moves that put him in an "Almighty" state in which all attacks are executed with maximum speed; normally this only lasts for a limited time, but Soul Charge puts Azwel in Almighty Mode for its entire duration.

Understanding this is the key to unlocking a whole world of potential.


Palindrome is a pair of golden gauntlets each possessed of fragments of the soul swords, the left containing Soul Calibur and the right Soul Edge. The weapon was constructed not only help him understand the swords better, but to help him fight after an illness robbed him of his ability to use his limbs.

Through the use of mechanisms, carefully tuned waves are sent through the fragments. In turn, the data retrieved from the resonance - memories of past battles and wielders - are manifested into physical form, creating weapons out of thin air. The original prototypes of the contraption took too long to form weapons, making them impractical but a few improvements and adjustments allowed him to create several more weapons, including dual swords, a shield, an axe and a spear. Even in its current form, forming weapons is a slow and complicated process, but Azwel's ability to process and string information together allows him to manifest these weapons at high speeds.

"Palindrome" is a word that reads the same both forwards and backwards. Azwel's decision to name the weapon as such is unclear but it's theorized that it has to do with his ability to tap into the astral energies of the cursed and spirit swords, manifesting their data as text.

Practical Application of Martial Philosophy and Theory

In spite of his knowledge and the power of the swords, Azwel lacked any fighting ability and this would prove to be troublesome. To be able to use his weapons effectively, Azwel also uses the data (practical application of martial philosophy and theory) retrieved from the waves of Palindrome call forth the memories of past fighting styles, due to the soul swords essentially being information in condensed form. This gives Azwel countless forms of martial arts to draw from as he is tapping into the data collected by the cursed and spirit swords across history and using them to create an unpredictable string of attacks with his weapons that leads to a non-rigid style of fighting.

Critical Edge

From Science, With Love: An extremely quick upward sword slash while in dual swords or Almighty mode. He then guides his two swords as they continuously slash at the airborne opponent before summoning numerous red and blue energy blades that converge on them and explode violently

I Shall Save Humanity!: Only available in Soul Charge. Azwel generates a burst of energy that launches them in the air, then proceeds to pull a projection of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur from his body and spins them around the opponent in a swirling vortex of energy before smashing them together, causing a massive eruption of energy.



Astral Chaos: Tide of the Damned

BGM: Myriad Souls


Soulcalibur VI

  • "Time to save the human race!" — Character Selection, 1P
  • "I am looking forward to this." — Character Selection, 2P
  • "You shall be sacrificed for the human race."
  • "You impress me. Shall we begin the experiment?"
  • "Disgusting! Your odor turns my stomach." — Spoken when fighting against Nightmare, Cervantes or Inferno
  • "It has been a while, hasn't it? Are you well?" — Spoken when fighting against Grøh
  • "Time to check in on you again." — Spoken when fighting against Amy
  • "What a marvelous invitation!" — Spoken when blocking Reversal Edge
  • "I'm honored to share the stage with you!" — Spoken when blocking Reversal Edge
  • "Okay...breathe..." — Spoken when blocking Reversal Edge on low health
  • "I'm touched..." — Spoken when blocking Reversal Edge on low health
  • "Oh, the drama!" — Spoken when blocking Reversal Edge on low health
  • "Let's take the stage together!" — Spoken when initiating Reversal Edge
  • "Curtains up!" — Spoken when initiating Reversal Edge
  • "You will not escape!" — Spoken when initiating Reversal Edge
  • "How about this?"
  • "How thrilling!"
  • "Onto the next act!"
  • "Act 2."
  • "Take note."
  • "Encore!"
  • "The final act!" — Spoken during second hit of Critical Edge
  • "It's love!" — Spoken during second hit of Critical Edge against Grøh
  • "Crescendo!"
  • "Begone!" — Spoken during second hit of Critical Edge against Cervantes, Nightmare, or Inferno
  • "Oh! That odor!"
  • "Worthless swine!"
  • "This can't be!"
  • "Damn you!"
  • "I will hunt you down!"
  • "Study complete."
  • "You're blessed."
  • "What an anomaly!"
  • "This looks promising."
  • "What an original hairstyle!" — Spoken when engaging in a Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "You impure brute!" — Spoken when engaging in a Reversal Edge against Nightmare, Cervantes or Inferno (landing initial attack)
  • "Back off, monster!" — Spoken when engaging in a Reversal Edge against Nightmare, Cervantes or Inferno (blocking initial attack)
  • "I can diagnose you." — Spoken when engaging in a Reversal Edge against Grøh
  • "As I expected." — Spoken when dodging a Reversal Edge
  • "It's in your eyes." — Spoken when countering a Reversal Edge
  • "Feel the power... of reason!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge
  • "Hope... for humanity!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge on low health
  • "You can do better... young Amy!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge on Amy
  • "Can you stand the test?" — Spoken when activating Critical Edge
  • "Accept this from me... My love!" — Spoken during Critical Edge
  • "Turn pain into resolve. And resolve into strength!" — Spoken during Critical Edge against Amy
  • "You passed." — Spoken upon finishing Critical Edge without knocking out the opponent
  • "Excellently done." — Spoken upon finishing Critical Edge after knocking out the opponent
  • "This is the savior's power!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charged Critical Edge
  • "Now is the time... for progress! Stupendous!" — Spoken during Soul Charged Critical Edge
  • "Any thoughts?" — Spoken at end of Soul Charged Critical Edge
  • "Consider yourself saved." — Spoken at end of KO Soul Charged Critical Edge
  • "A dose of medicine!"
  • "Stick with me!"
  • "The final act!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "It's love!"
  • "How cathartic!"
  • "It appears I have grown used to my enhancements."
  • "The curtains have fallen... on your performance."
  • "What an interesting reaction. Thanks to you, my research has made advances."
  • "What a thrill to see a human on the brink of death abandon their sense of reason for despair or hope! It is like the sweetest nectar to me! I could never grow tired of the human race!"
  • "What a wonderful day! I have rid the world of an affliction to the human race! And with this... I am another step closer to becoming its savior!" — Spoken when defeating Nightmare, Inferno, or Cervantes
  • "How irksome! I swat these bugs time and time again and yet they keep appearing! I shall exterminate them all... until humans look to me as their savior!"  — Spoken when defeating Nightmare, Inferno, or Cervantes
  • "Only real lives... have value." — Spoken when defeating Nightmare, Inferno, Cervantes, or Astaroth
  • "It appears the experiment... was a failure." — Spoken after defeating Grøh
  • "Your continued cooperation is appreciated." — Spoken after defeating Amy
  • "Interesting specimen." — Taunt
  • "A worthy performance." — Taunt against KO'd opponent
  • "You inhuman monster!"  — Taunt against Nightmare, Cervantes, and/or Inferno.
  • "Can you stop me?" — Taunt against Grøh
  • "I'll enjoy this." — Taunt against Amy
  • "I refuse to accept this!" — Suffering a Ring Out
  • "What a joke!" — Suffering a Ring Out
  • "HAHAHAHAhahahaha..." — KO'd by Amy
  • "The final...curtain..." — Standing KO
  • "The show goes on!"
  • "It worked!"
  • "My performance was a tragedy." — Spoken after losing by Time Out
  • "How could I lose to a monster?" — Spoken after losing by Time Out to Nightmare, Inferno or Cervantes
  • "The experiment was a success!" — Spoken after losing by Time Out to Grøh
  • "You missed."
  • "Do not... hold back."
  • "Waste gets... disposed of!" — Spoken during forward throw against Nightmare, Cervantes, or Inferno
  • "Sweet dreams."
  • "I have yet to reach my goal."
  • "As I expected."
  • "A happy miscalculation."
  • "I'm pushing my limits."
  • "Even I have limits."
  • "Show me more!"
  • "Oops!" — Spoken during recovery roll
  • "So close!" — Spoken during recovery roll
  • "Keep it up." — Spoken during recovery roll
  • "It's not over." — Spoken during recovery roll
  • "Filthy fiend!" — Spoken during recovery roll against Nightmare, Cervantes, and/or Inferno
  • "Death is nothing when there is love!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge while fighting Raphael
  • "So proud! — Spoken after being KO'd by Raphael
  • "You shall never evolve with such a weak will." — Spoken after defeating Raphael


  • Former member of the Twelve with the Aval Organization before defecting.
  • Saved Grøh from a life-threatening injury before secretly infecting him with malfested energy in his left arm. He would soon find out his plot and become his worst enemy, after a fallen incident of Curtis.
  • Infected Curtis with a shard of Soul Edge in front of Grøh‘s eyes, leading the latter’s personal vendetta against the traitor for infecting Curtis.
  • Leader and founder of the Qualifiers (Daniel and Valtro are one of them).
  • Killed Orzal.
  • Enemy of the Conduit.


  • Though Palindrome is the official name of his weapon, none of his weapons' names are palindromes.[2]
    • Despite his weapon being his gauntlets, they are treated as upper body parts for Character Creation and are not needed when his style is used.
  • He is the second playable character to canonically wield Soul Edge and Soul Calibur's powers at the same time in some form, the first being Algol.
    • Moreover, he wears the two swords' powers in the same hands as Algol, Soul Calibur in the left hand, and Soul Edge in the right hand.
      • In the Christian religion, the left hand is related to the Devil, and the right hand to God. It is interesting that both Algol and Azwel wear them in the opposite way.
  • Azwel is the second completely new character in the rebooted timeline of Soul series games.
  • Azwel has by and far the longest win quotes in series history, most of which are accompanied with a maniacal laughter. The second lines are not included in the subtitles. When playing as him in Arcade mode, the entire dialogue is skipped into the next battle. The whole dialogue can be heard by either finishing Arcade Mode or after the end of a VS Mode battle.
  • Azwel does not possess any side projection.
  • With Inferno, they are the only characters to not have colorable weapons.
  • Some of Azwel's moves are directly taken from Spawn, or slightly modified.
    • Azwel guard stance is nearly the same as Spawn, as his 8 way-run moves.
    • Spawn's stance could have been used to create Azwel's.
    • Azwel's tremor is the same as Spawn's Soul Charge.
  • Azwel is the final boss on Very Hard in Arcade mode, and the sub-boss on Legendary.



SOULCALIBUR VI - Azwel Character Reveal Trailer PS4, X1, PC

SOULCALIBUR VI - Azwel Character Reveal Trailer PS4, X1, PC


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