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Sultan Barbaros (バルバロス Barubarosu) of the Ottoman Empire is a mid-game boss in Soulcalibur Legends, although the player is tricked into thinking he is the final boss. He seeks to invade the Holy Roman Empire, which he almost manages to using the power of Soul Calibur. Barbaros turns into an enormous hulk using the sword's power, and begins laying siege to the Imperial Capital of Vienna. Therefore the Masked Emperor asks Siegfried to find Soul Edge, the only force that is equal to and can defeat the holy sword. Barbaros is defeated and Soul Calibur is taken to the Emperor, though her intention are not too honorable, and she demands Soul Edge as well.


Barbaros is fought on the roof of a castle, and his body is only visible from the waist up. He attacks by slamming and swinging his gigantic fists. He can create shockwaves and is also able to shoot lasers from his eyes, causing cracks in the ground from which damaging light spews forth.

The player must beat him by attacking his fists when he slams them into the roof. After taking enough damage, Barbaros falls, making his head vulnerable to attack.


  • The first Siege of Vienna actually occurred in 1529 [1], as opposed to Soul Calibur Legends' Setting (1583).
  • Barbaros is a very uncommon name for a Turk, one of the very few historical notable Turkish Person is Hayreddin Barbaros [2]. "Barbarossa" was, in fact, an Italian mispronunciation of his title (Baba Oruc), strengthened by its appropriateness (Hayreddin was red-headed with a beard).
  • Barbaros is one of the few characters who uses Soul Calibur for his own evil purpose, along with Iska and the Masked Emperor.
  • Barbaros shares similarities with Fire Leo from Capcom's series, Viewtiful Joe, including tricking the player into thinking he is the final boss, and the flames surrounding the head.He is also similar to Berial from Devil May Cry 4, also by Capcom.