Bare-hand is a fighting style only usable in Soul Edge (Soul Blade in US). This style is only available when a character's weapon broke while in-game.


  • In the home console version, every character's winning pose in bare-hand uses the same winning pose as Siegfried.
  • In Soul Edge version II arcade edition, there are different winning poses in bare-hand, though these poses are similar to poses from characters of the Tekken series, such as Mitsurugi winning Bare-hand will use King's pose from Tekken, Cervantes and Voldo use a winning pose very similar to Feng Wei's from Tekken 5 (Most likely recycled from Soul Edge and placed in Tekken 5).
  • Character's winning pose was actually composed by the ARIKA.
  • Although the style is only used in Soul Edge, two characters use the Bare-hand fighting style in later games: the guest character Heihachi Mishima and Devil Jin (although every custom character can use this style once they defeated Katsuhiro Harada.
  • If Viola use her orb in passive way (put it on the ground) she will fight bare-hand, reducing the damage and range.
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