Luna brandishing her weapon (SC-III)
This page describes Chinese Blade Battle Style in each of the games in which it appeared

Soulcalibur III

The Chinese Blade discipline, like its namesake, derives its moves from the Chinese arts of fighting. Most of the moves in the set take after Xianghua's own moves. (If the moves are not borrowed, they are altered in a way but still have some semblance with their counterparts). The attacks retain their graceful, playful nature, but in the case of the Chinese Blade discipline, some can be a bit bolder. Stances have been added to add flexibility to the moves, some evasive and serving as proper scapegoats to the user when he is trapped in a corner by the opponent. Some moves will connect with long combos and have the user "flying" to attack, a useful and strategic battle tactic. The only flaw here is if the user misses his/her "flying" attack, he/she is greatly vulnerable and open for the next strike. Damage dealt by attacks is often high.

Something interesting in this discipline is that the player can use Soul Calibur as the ultimate weapon.

The Chinese Blade discipline is represented by the Bonus Character Luna, and can exclusively be found in the Sage Class.

A custom character fighting Nightmare, using the Chinese Blade discipline.

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