The Dagger and Bomb


A custom character fighting Siegfried, using the Dagger Discipline.

The Dagger discipline ranges from rapid, fast-paced attacks to long-range attacks and attack throws, majority of the long range attacks being compromised with a bomb instead of the dagger itself. The attacks normally deal a considerable amount of damage, some dealing more but with the need of holding the corresponding buttons for a time. Some attacks are executed for evasion purposes, which can usually be followed up with other attacks to create strategic combos. Some attacks call for stances that need to be performed; these certain moves might be a bit harder to execute and if not done right, can leave the user open. If executed masterfully, however, an increase in damage can become the ultimate downfall of the opponent. It can be noted that some moves are similar to some of Taki's own moves and those of the Kunai discipline. If mastered, the Dagger discipline proves itself to one of the more diverse movesets, if not one of the more formidable.

The Dagger discipline in SC3 is represented by the Bonus Character Chester, and can be found in the Thief, Saint and Sword Master classes. The player in Chronicles of the Sword can use the pre-made character Luca to fight with this discipline. It is available to Thief characters by default but Saint characters must level 10+ times to be able to use it.

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