A custom character using the Grieve Edge Discipline.

This page describes Grieve Edge Battle Style in each of the games in which it appeared.

Soulcalibur III

Since the Grieve Edge concentrates specifically on the feet, blows and attacks from the upper body are almost non-existent (if you don't count the throws). The moveset of this discipline is possibly one of the harder and more advanced movesets to master; most of the attacks call for perfect timing and execution (Just Input). If executed incorrectly, the user is left to make do with weak, one-hit blows. If executed correctly, however, the attacks connect with devastating, mostly guard-break combos. Damage depends highly on whether the attacks were successfully completed or not. It should be noted that simultaneous-button attacks (A+B, B+K, A+K) are very limited, so variety of attacks may be a bit difficult to come by.

The Grieve Edge discipline is represented by the shopkeeper Valeria, and can be found in the Gladiator, Monk, Dancer, and Barbarian classes. You must level 20+ times with all classes to make them accessible (with the exception of the Barbarian Class, which takes only 10 levels).

The player, in Chronicles of the Sword, to use a pre-made character with this discipline has to save Kanon, who is located near Setsuka, in Chronicle 8.

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