This page describes Kunai Battle Style in each of the games in which it appeared Soulcalibur II


The Kunai

Soulcalibur III 

A dagger made famous by the ninja. It is a custom discipline available for the character creation feature in Soulcalibur III. This style has fast execution moves and it also strategy based. A few neat tricks this style lends to the player is teleporting a short distance, and an unblockable projectile attack that shows the player's character blasting fire into the air in a rising arc. Bonus character Greed and Tina from Chronicles of the Sword, who is one of the Cadet's newer soldiers after Chronicle 12, are wielders of the kunai.

The two non-Sword Master classes the Kunai discipline can be found under are the Ninja and Assassin classes. It is available to Ninja characters by default as the Ninja class is one of the first six available, but you must level 10 times as an Assassin for custom characters to wield it. Whether this is done with Tina, Riese (Chronicle 18 onwards), or the Cadet is optional.

The Kunai is often shrugged off for short range, and limited damage for button mashing. A skilled player can use combos to increase power along with Soul Charge. Short range is replaced by faster movement.

Part 1:

Part 2: