The Mimic Fighting Style comprises of a character who mimics other existing fighting styles in their respective games (Minus Necrid, Guest Characters, Bonus Characters and Algol)

Soul Blade

Inferno appears in Soul Blade under the name "Soul Edge". Unlike other mimic characters in the series, he only mimics Cervantes, although he is much stronger than him. He also wields the same weapon as Cervantes. See BattleStyle:Cervantes for more information.


Edge Master and Inferno mimic every character in the game. They switch to a different fighting style every round in a battle. Inferno also had two unique attacks.

Soulcalibur II

Charade and Inferno mimic every character but cannot use Necrid's Style and the guest characters styles. When fighting against Inferno in Weapon Master Mode, Inferno will switch to a different fighting style when enough of his health has been taken away.

Soulcalibur III

Olcadan is the playable mimic character in the game. What is unique about Olcadan is that he can choose a weapon set and mimic the roster's weapon. For example: If the player selects Olcadan's 'weapon style' as The Silent, he will rotate between the 1P Weapons. Will O' The Wisp is an unplayable mimic character who only appears in Prepare to Defend Yourself challenges. He will only mimic characters who wield Soul Edge as their ultimate weapon (Astaroth, Cervantes, Lizardman, Mitsurugi, Nightmare and Tira).

Soulcalibur III: Arcade Edition

Same as Soulcalibur III except Inferno returns now named Soul Edge again. He is an non-playable character and is fought before the final battle against Abyss or Night Terror. He will first start off mimicing Cervantes' style and will switch to a different random style during the second and third round.

Soulcalibur V

Unlike in other games, where there is only one mimic character, this game has three of them. Kilik mimics all the male fighting styles, Elysium mimics all the female fighting styles and Edge Master mimics everyone except for Ezio, Devil Jin and Algol.


  • Soul EdgeSoulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur VI are the only main series games to date that do not have any mimic characters.
  • Though the mimics do change style every round, sometimes they stay a permanent style throughout the series.
    • Inferno: Longsword & Pistol Sword (Locks it in Legendary Souls)
    • Edge Master: Longsword (Shown in artwork), Katana (Used in move demonstrations in Practice Mode and used in Mock Battle in Character Creation), Iai Blade (Locks it in Legendary Souls Mode)
    • Charade: Wave Sword (Used style in SCIII), Sword & Shield (Used style in Namco X Capcom)
    • Olcadan: Katana, Staff (Is prominently the former in Tutorial, though he does shift to the character's style of which the player selected. Uses the latter in his Destined Battle between Kilik in Tales of Souls).
    • Kilik: Staff (Used style in all appearences prior to SCV, locks it in Legendary Souls Mode)
    • Elysium: Sword & Shield (Locks in that style in Legendary Souls and Story Mode, meant to represent Sophitia, whom Elysium resembles.)

  • Edge Master (SC and SCV)
  • Charade (SCII)
  • Inferno (SCII)
  • Olcadan (SCIII)
  • Kilik (SCV)
  • Elysium (SCV)
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