Pyrrha O vs APat2

Pyrrha Omega attacking

Soulcalibur V

Pyrrha Ω uses the modified version of Sophitia's main moveset, along with a few of Cassandra's attacks as well. She lacks the hesitance of her original form, most likely due to the evil sword's influence. Instead she is much more violent and brutal in her actions. While her stance is simliar to her mother's, she is leaning slightly forward, almost as if she is becoming more feral and beast like. However, Pyrrha Ω appears to have different animations on her "strike" moves depending on how she countered. Her attacks become more powerful while landing clean hits despite not having the best reach. The key to using Pyrrha Ω is to memorize both Sophitia's and Cassandra's moves. In the hands of an expert player she can pack quite a powerful punch.

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