The Steel Fan

The Steel Fan is a fighting style available only to custom characters in Soulcalibur III. The character wields a steel fan with a bladed edge. It focuses on quick, weak thrusting and slashing attacks. The style has a more limited moveset than other styles: it lacks easy-to-perform guard break and unblockable moves, as well as technical movements like stances or parries. A player using Steel Fan may find himself repeating the same move or combo frequently for lack of diversity. In these ways, it is comparable to Amy's fighting style in Soulcalibur IV.

The style is rarely used amongst NPC's in Chronicles of the Sword mode. Two evil boss characters, Aeolos and Demuth, are the only characters in the game who use Steel Fan. Yuilin, a Saint character that joins you in Chronicle 13, also uses a Steel Fan as a weapon.

The weapon is available to the Saint and Dancer classes of custom characters, as well as, along with every other style, the Sword Master class.

The Steel Fan was a weapon that was once wielded by the Lord Yoshimoto Imagawa during the history war in Japan.

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