The Tambourine

The Tambourine discipline is one of the most flexible weapons to be mastered in the game. The moveset is loosely based on Voldo's eccentric battle style, with some alterations (though one attack is reminiscent of Yoshimitsu's Poison Breath). The moves are short-ranged yet quick-paced, and damage varies depending on the executed move. Some moves are playful and dancelike in nature but in actual strategy are used to evade attacks or taunt the opponent. Other moves rely on a string of button-pushing to deal extensive damage on the opponent. The battle style also emphasizes on attacks executed with the player's back facing the opponent (a stance mirroring Voldo's Blind Stance). Overall, the Tambourine discipline is easily one of the styles quickest to deal damage in the game because of its speed and range. The drawback is that the player will use quick dance poses and moves after using a successful combo, leaving them open for an attack. Guard Impacts are a solution only for those with quick reaction time.

The Tambourine discipline is represented by the Shopkeeper Lynette, and can be exclusively found in the Dancer class. It is not, however, used by any allied characters in Chronicles of the Sword due to a lack of Dancer class characters (besides the Cadet).

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