Bias and Equity are one of Azwel's weapons in Soulcalibur VI.


Experiments to verify the existence of "love" waves were Azwel's most arduous, and at the same time, fruitful. While they were not suited for harnessing fighting ability, they have effects that cure bodily ailments. The masses call these powers "miracles" and they were critical for rallying support for the Qualifiers' early activities before being studied and referenced for other experiments.

An excerpt from records into these experiments starts with flowing lines before suddenly shifting into a stiff, formal handwriting:

"Ah! The grand concept of love tests all of its fullest at times. As humanity cannot stop loving, my only hope lies in universal love. However, for the purposes of this experiment, I am forced to imagine partiality toward some ideal existence that humanity should strive toward. Though, if that is the case, would 'humanity' still be an appropriate term? I will make note of this problem for future consideration."


Azwel's formed weapons are colored cyan for Soul Calibur and magenta for Soul Edge.


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