"I hope you're ready, because here I come!"
— Cassandra

Cassandra Alexandra (カサンドラ・アレクサンドル, Kasandora Arekusandoru) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She is the final downloadable character of the first season pass in Soulcalibur VI and was made available on August 5th, 2019. This marks her debut in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

She is nicknamed Warring Maiden.


Soulcalibur VI

Cassandra is the daughter of an Athenian baker. Some time had passed since her sister Sophitia postponed her wedding and vanished, leaving only a note. After their mother fell ill from anxiety, Cassandra and her brother Lucius became tasked with running the bakery day in and day out.

Secretly, Cassandra had a feeling she knew where Sophitia had gone. Three years prior, her sister had returned from a journey to "destroy the evil sword Soul Edge," an explanation her family had a difficult time accepting. After all, who would believe a god had entrusted the destruction of such a dangerous sword to a mortal? As it turns out, Cassandra believed her sister, having met the ninja Taki, who had saved Sophitia's life.

It stood to reason, then, that Sophitia's departure meant Soul Edge had somehow been restored, and if she was going to subdue it once again, Sophitia would need the appropriate weapon and armor... Half-convinced of where she needed to go, Cassandra suddenly began to run.

Rothion was hiding something and Cassandra knew it. Eventually, her sister's fiancé gave in to her questions and confirmed Cassandra's suspicions: Sophitia had headed out once more to destroy Soul Edge. Upset the two of them had made such an important decision without saying a word to their family, Cassandra took it upon herself to use the holy weapon and armor to fight the malfested hordes in her sister's stead.

With each battle, she slowly came to understand her sister's motivations for doing what she did, but not how she could have willfuly put her life in so much danger.

When Sophitia returned, Cassandra let it all out and told her sister everything. Sophitia responded kindly, and made Cassandra realize she could never hold a candle to her own sister.

Sophitia's wedding day finally came, and when Cassandra saw her sister's smile, she felt like all her struggles and effort had been really worth it.

However, it was not yet over. If the ominous prophecy contained even a shred of truth, Cassandra was going to have to fight to change fate, both for the sake of the future and for the sakes of those she loved.

Physical Appearance

Cassandra's physical appearance is relatively the same compared to the original, save for a larger bust, shapely legs, and slightly longer blonde hair.


In contrast to her sister Sophitia, who is kind and humble, Cassandra is feisty, hot-blooded and boisterous. When it comes to helping others correcting their mistakes, she often bangs them in the head to get her point across. Cassandra has stated that she hates people who hides secrets, which is hypocritical because she never told Sophitia about the fragment of Soul Edge that is too close to her sister's heart. However, she ends up keeping some very major secrets to herself and tells no one the truth of her quest.


Cassandra sports a dress featuring a white, yellow and amber color scheme, along with the addition of a bright blue scarf, white gloves and boots and brown stockings. She keeps her hair in a ponytail with a white ribbon. In her fight against Sophitia, Cassandra wears a white steel mask.

Her Color 2 colors her dress black and pink, her ribbon pink, her scarf purple, and gloves and stockings black. The Owl shield is painted black.

Her Color 3 is a reference to her Malfested, original timeline counterpart, with white hair, red eyes, and pale skin. Her dress is red and black, her ribbon, scarf and stockings are black, and her gloves and boots are red. The Owl shield is painted black.

Her Color 4 is a reference to her original costume from Soulcalibur II, with her hair kept down without the ribbon. Her dress is white and blue, her gloves and boots are white, and her scarf is pink. The Owl shield is painted pink, in reference to the Nemea shield.

Weapon & Style

Owl Shield and Omega Sword (Original)

A sword and shield entrusted to a holy warrior by the god of smithing, Hephaestus. They were once used by Sophitia in her quest to destroy Soul Edge. After destroying one of its two parts, she placed the sword and shield in a shrine, where they remained under the careful watch of the heavens.

Even now, they continue to benefit from the blessing of the gods. Their latent divine power alone exceeds that of Sophitia's current sword and shield, and is capable of unleashing natural disasters upon the earth. Cassandra had always been physically capable, but the moment she took hold of these, she became a mighty swordswoman, despite having no real experience with a sword.

Though her circumstances and motivations may differ from Sophitia's, Cassandra has the potential to carve her own fate. But is potential enough...?

Improvised Athenian Style

Athenian style is a long-forgotten fighting style of the ancient Greeks, bestowed upon holy warriors blessed with the protection of the gods. It is said Hephaestus, the god of smithing, entrusted sacred armaments to his most devout followers as a means of destroying the evil sword Soul Edge. Those who took hold of these weapons received divine protection from the gods, including the gods of wind and war, and were able to wield unimaginable power.

When compared to her sister Sophitia, Cassandra fights with a more uninhibited style, using her shield both to strike her opponent and sometimes even as a projectile. However, perhaps due to this aggressive approach, her defensive abilities occasionally come up lacking.

Offensively, she is able to momentarily concentrate her holy energy to perform powerful techniques that invoke lightning and violent winds, giving her the air of a noble veteran warrior. It is unknown if she received some form of revelation regarding how to wield her holy weapons, or if her fighting style is simply a natural outcome of her tendency to completely throw herself into everything she does. Regardless, between her style and the immense power she receives from the gods despite seeming to not have the strongest faith, Cassandra is truly a wonder to behold in battle.

Critical Edge

Shield Super Nova: Cassandra slams her shield downward and kicks her opponent upward. Once her opponent lands, she slashes them upward to punch them with her lightning-imbued shield.

Shield Big Bang: Activated only during Divine Force, Cassandra does an extended version of the Shield Super Nova where she slashes and kicks her shield as it ricochets back and forth towards her and her opponent, before slashing them upward to punch them with her lightning-imbued shield. The lightning in this version is stronger.



Soulcalibur VI

Shrine of Eurydice: Cloud Sanctuary (Cassandra shares this stage with Sophitia.)


Soulcalibur VI

  • "Prepare to be amazed!" — Character selection, 1P
  • "I'll show you how to win!" — Character selection, 2P
  • "I hope you're ready, because here I come!" — Entrance, 1P
  • "I'm gonna go all out!" — Entrance, 1P
  • "Don't cry... when you lose!" — Entrance, 2P
  • "Uh huh... Enough talk. Let's fight!" — Entrance, 2P
  • "Ah! Sister?! Why are you here?" — Spoken when starting a fight against Sophitia
  • "You're definitely... not my type." — Spoken when starting a fight against Voldo, Yoshimitsu, Cervantes or Azwel
  • "I really hate this kind of thing." — Spoken when starting a fight against Nightmare, Astaroth or Inferno
  • "...I wouldn't have it any other way." — Spoken when starting a fight against herself, response
  • "Oh, whaddya know? I. Just. Won."
  • "Whoops! Oh no! Was that too much for you?"
  • "No matter what, I always win in the end!"
  • "I guess this means... I'm the best!"
  • "I really hope that I can get away now..." — Spoken after defeating Sophitia
  • "How 'bout it? Think I can take my sister's place?" — Spoken after defeating Taki
  • "Over already? Heh, heh. Oh, well." — Spoken after defeating Voldo, Yoshimitsu, Cervantes or Azwel
  • "Now that's what I call a critical hit!" — Spoken after defeating Nightmare, Astaroth or Inferno
  • "I have to give it all I've got..." — Spoken after defeating herself
  • "Hope this works!"
  • "I'll show you..." — Spoken when starting Critical Edge
  • "Chew on this!" — Spoken during special Critical Edge
  • "...the price of integrity!" — Spoken when ending Critical Edge
  • "...the price of justice!" — Spoken when ending Critical Edge (Soul Chronicle only)
  • "As planned." — Spoken after Critical Edge
  • "Did I overdo it?" — Spoken after special Critical Edge
  • "Did that work?"– Spoken after Critical Edge against Sophitia
  • "Am I even using these right? Well, I won." — Spoken after Critical Edge that KO's the opponent
  • "I'm... getting bored." — Taunt
  • "Oh, tired already?" — Taunt after knocking out opponent
  • "Cassandra who? Just kidding." — Taunt against Sophitia
  • "Urgh! Now I'm mad!" — Activating Soul Charge
  • "I won't run. Not now!" — Activating Soul Charge on low health
  • "Watch this, Taki." — Activating Soul Charge against Taki
  • "You can't get rid of me... so easily!" — Activating Soul Charge against Sophitia
  • "Hephaestus, lend me your strength!" — Activating Soul Charge against Nightmare, Astaroth or Inferno
  • "You shouldn't... underestimate me." — Activating Soul Charge against herself
  • "I'll secure... my sister's future!" — Activating Soul Charge against herself on low health
  • "Ah, too bad."
  • "I can't feel my--" — Standing KO
  • "I'm starting to see through you."
  • "What?" — Suffering a Guard Burst
  • "No fair!" — Suffering a Guard Burst
  • "Wait a sec..." — Suffering a Guard Burst against Sophitia
  • "Oh dear."
  • "Did that hurt?"
  • "Here I go"
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "Okay!"
  • "Time to fight!"
  • "Good luck!"
  • "Incoming!"
  • "Eat this!"
  • "Here!"
  • "You're mine!"
  • "I won't... hold back!"
  • "This will hurt."
  • "I'm just getting started."
  • "Give up."
  • "Oh?"
  • "You're not half bad." — Spoken on final round
  • "This doesn't count!" — Suffering a Ring Out
  • "I slipped!" — Suffering a subsequent Ring Out
  • "Come and get me!"
  • "You sure play rough!"
  • "Are you that desperate?"
  • "Come on already!"
  • "I won't give in!"
  • "I can't go home yet." — Initiating Reversal Edge against Sophitia
  • "I'll explain later!" — Initiating Reversal Edge against Sophitia
  • "Nice hair. You should grow it out more." — Initiating Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "That was spot on." — Blocking Taki's Reversal Edge
  • "Forfeit!"
  • "No way! I almost won." — Lost via time out
  • "I'm in so much trouble."
  • "I can't fill my sister's place if I keep losing."
  • "I'm sorry!" — Knocked out against Sophitia
  • "How do I lose...?!"





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