This is a list of created characters from Soul Calibur IV from Story Mode and Tower Of Lost Souls they are not really part of the Soul Calibur Series but to their creaters think their just Create-a-Souls but in my opinion they are apart of the Soul Calibur Franchise so here is the list.

Marienbard , Jacqueline and Auguste - They were all part of a Cervantes 's pirate crew that were in the carribean ocean robbing and killing everyone in their way until getting lost at sea and ended up stranded at an unknown frozen wasteland Aka Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient , after awhile Cervantes awakes from his frozen prison and ends up only taking Valmiro and Phantasm and leaves the rest of his crew for dead then not long after Marienbard , Jacqueline and Auguste wake from  their frozen prisons and decided to all stay together in order to survive then Raphael saw the designated ship in the distance and decides to go explore for supplies and tells Amy his Step-Daughter to go back to the mansion Aka Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room to keep the mansion and herself safe, when he eventualy gets close to the ship

he spots Marienbard , Jacqueline and Auguste savaging from the ship he goes up to talk to them but they all Immediately try to kill Raphael with the weapons from the ship Marienbard used a Death Scythe fighting style: Zasalamel , Jacqueline used apair of Assassin Dagger fighting style: Taki , and Auguste used a sword called Ramdao fighting style: Yun-Seong , they were unsuccessful trying to kill Raphael because they were frozen for so long they literally forgot everything about fighting and they were faced a master of the sword Raphael so they didn't stand a chance, when they were defeted instead of finishing them off he decided to make them his servants and turned them all into vampires, when he arrived back to the mansion Raphael gave Marienbard and Jacqueline apair of maiden outfits and Raphael let Auguste keep the rags he was wearing, Amy did make freinds with Marienbard , Jacqueline and Auguste but when Raphael got Soul Calibur the legendary spirit sword he killed Marienbard , Jacqueline and Auguste by slitting all their throats he beleved that the world only belonged to Amy and him, while he was laughing at the point when he could take over the world Amy was shocked for what he had done so he silently walked up to him and pushed him into the abyss then Amy smiles then she buried Marienbard , Jacqueline and Auguste in the old burial grounds of Ostrheinsburg and let them finally sleep in peace.

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