This is a category which shows members Fan Characters they have created for the Soul series.

A Fan Character (also known as FanChars or a FanChar), is a character which is made unofficially by a User of this Wiki. Fan Characters have their own story, backstory, and more. These characters, and thus their stories, do not really exist within the official Soul series games.

If one of your pages are added to this Category, it means that you (or someone else) has placed this category on an Article about a Fan Character you have made. This is in conjunction to the Rules of Fanon, as all Fan Characters must have this category on their Articles otherwise the page may be deleted.

If you have a fan character that isn't under your namespace, please make sure you rename the page to FanChar:<Your Username>:<CharacterName> (e.g. FanChar:Hyper Zergling:Tian for Hyper Zergling's fan character Tian). Otherwise your character may be deleted.

This is how the Template will appear, except it will have your Username;

Fanon Article Ownership
This Fanon page was created and is owned by Example (talk), and as such is not part of the Soul series canon.
Unless the edit is constructive and/or minor (such as fixing a template), please do not edit this page unless given permission from the author.

Please add this Template to the top of your own Fan Character page. To add the template, just add {{Property|<Your Username>}} to the top of a Fan Character page. Make sure you are editing in Source Mode.

Rules of Fanon

Please don't post pages under the fanon namespace (or otherwise), that say that non-confirmed characters not of the Soul series are going to be in future Soul Calibur games. The earliest example was when people were posting on the Kratos page when he was rumored to be in Soulcalibur IV. Since it wasn't confirmed, the page was deleted. Despite the fact that he was a guest character in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, it counted as abuse because it said that he was to be in a previous game even though nothing was confirmed. Even if it begins with FanChar in front of it, it still counts as abuse. The rule extends to saying things like they're the Main villian of Soulcalibur V. Be warned, vandalism and infringement won't be taken lightly.

Look at our Policies for more information. Make sure to especially read the Rules of Fanon and our Deletion Policy. Don't forget, in order to make Fanon you need to sign the rules.

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