Old City Cathedral

300 years ago, people were suffering from the fin by the Swedish invasion. This war began initially dominates from Sweden, the Finns gradually cornered, and eventually could lead to termination in the form of overall victory and the subsequent domination of Sweden.

The Finn, who was Swedish great power gave way to the offensive, some did not leave without losing anything at all, and one anecdote to prove it. Say the world is fighting the "war of the church" the most famous in this war. Warriors of the people he fought fin warriors led by Jiguruzu barricaded in this cathedral, 100 and 100 days until night fall, is one of the last.

Swedes to leave the key sealed the Cathedral, to solve the seal that was transmitted from generation to generation as a treasure in the royal family off the nightmare of that fierce fight.

When I visited Cyprus to enter the 16th century, King of Sweden became the stamp of Mediterranean tourist destination, burdened with a huge debt of competition in the gaming arena, "The key to the seal" is a treasure of the royal family on its type but be deprived of incident that occurs.

Since then, was that the "key of the seal" is placed under the control of the government of Venice, will be holding on the island of Cyprus.


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