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The Cepheus Store is a store in Soulcalibur V used to purchase additional content for the game. It can be accessed through Creation Mode after patch 1.02 is installed.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 1

Released on April 3rd.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 2

Released on April 18th on PSN Europe and on April 24th for other supports and countries.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 3

Released on May 8th on PSN and on May 11th on XBL.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 4

Released on May 22nd on PSN and on May 22nd on XBL.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 5

Released on June 5th on PSN and XBL. Some EU PSN suffer from a bug, making Sexy Costumes 1 only available from June 13th.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 6

Released on June 19th on PSN and XBL.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 7

Released on July 10th on PSN and XBL.

Cepheus Compatibility Pack 8

Released on July 17th on PSN and XBL.


  • Cepheus was the owner of the shops featured in Soulcalibur III.
  • When playing online, if one uses a character with DLC items belonging to any of the Cepheus Compatibility Packs, their opponents must also have the corresponding Compatibility Packs in order to see the DLC items on their end. As an example, if Player A uses the Skeleton Costume from Compatibility Pack 4, and Player B does not have the pack, Player B will only see the character in the default undergarments during the match.
  • In July 2012, Daishi announced that the DLC were stopped. Items which pictures were hidden in the source code will probably never be released.