Cervantes de León (セルバンテス・デ・レオン, Serubantesu de Reon) is a character in the Soul series. He appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

His nickname is The Shell of a Proud Man.


Soulcalibur VI

When Cervantes first gripped Soul Edge, the power of the cursed sword transformed him into a monster. He used the sword to bring a reign of terror and carnage to the world, as the sword continued to manipulated his mind. But soon the cursed sword’s plans were thwarted by a heroic ninja and a brave warrior. Cervantes was defeated, consumed by fire and sentenced to the depths of hell, his body turned to ash.

Later the now new owner of the Soul Edge, Nightmare comes across Cervantes’s remains, but left without noticing the small glimmer of light emitting from his body. The Soul Edge had once again set the terrible wheels of fate moving and brought Cervantes back from the dead. After his resurrection, Cervantes now walks grinning through a sea of corpses, claiming countless souls and leaving desolation and destruction in his wake. His final aim is clear: to once again to make Soul Edge his own.

Cervantes fights with two weapons, Acheron and Nirvana. His main sword, Acheron, has been his sword since he plundered it from its hapless former owner during his reign of dread across the Atlantic Ocean. His secondary weapon, Nirvana, is a dagger with a pistol in the hilt. While pistols of the time were still relatively primitive, shooting an opponent could break their guard, allowing for a fierce follow-up blow. The gun dagger was a gift from the Italian weapons dealer Vercci and symbolises the twisted connection between the feared pirate and the Merchant of Death.[1]

Physical Appearance

Cervantes retains his looks from his Soulcalibur V body but with purple skin and glowing orange markings, signifying his malfestation.


After his resurrection, Cervantes lacked any memories of his past - though he started regaining them at the same time when he begin attacking his own former crew member, which awakened his sadistic bloodlust and revenge. Realizing that he could regain his memories by killing people and absorbing their souls, he embarked on a killing spree, including on taking his daughter's soul at most part. Becoming obsessed with reclaiming Soul Edge yet realizing that if he did so he would be enslaved by it again, Cervantes decided to bide his time until he had become strong enough to dominate Soul Edge with his own will and become its master once more.


Fighting Style

The fighting style features a weighty longsword paired with a dagger/gun combination, and equerries superhuman strength and skill to wield effectively. A forceful strike can turn the tide of battle in one fell swoop, while combos that utilize both weapons leave no openings for an enemy to exploit. The gun can be used to hit an opponent from a distance, blindingly fast leaps can close the gap and impale them, and inhumanity high jumps can be used to come at them from above. With such a wide range of moves, what is a challenger to do?

This style even utilizes wall to further broaden its rage of attacks, climbing and kicking off of them to lauch fierce combinations. Anyone bombarded by this style's many fearsome techniques will soon find themselves consigned to Davy Jones' Locker.

Acheron & Nirvana

Memories of Soul Edge

Critical Edge

Casa de Leviathan: Cervantes elbows his opponent. If the elbow connects, he kicks the opponent, then shoots the knees of his target and after that, slashes him up in the air. Teleporting above them, he performs his signature Geo Da Ray on the falling opponent, drilling him to the ground. The move does 19 hits.


  • Acheron & Nirvana
  • Styx
  • Avenger
  • Seax
  • Firangi
  • Erlang's Blade
  • Phlegethon


Soulcalibur VI

  • "Fear me." — Character Select, 1P
  • "AHAHAHAHAHA!" — Character Select, 2P
  • "So... you dare to defy me?!"
  • "You're done talking yet?"
  • "Let's see just how strong I am!"
  • "I'll silence your incessant mouth forever!"
  • "I missed you, my daughter!" — When battling Ivy
  • "Know now that the gods are powerless!" — When battling Sophitia
  • "You'll feel... this pain, too!" — When battling Taki
  • "Taste... my power!" — Performing Soul Charge
  • "Want to see hell?" — Activating Critical Edge
  • "Souls... will burn!" — During Critical Edge
  • "Sink down with your fear." — At end of Critical Edge
  • "Hahaha... now to take your soul!" — At end of KO Critical Edge
  • "You...are my prey!" — Taunting
  • "Stay still...and let me slay you!" — Taunting a KO'd opponent
  • "You dare defy me?"
  • "Such child's play!"
  • "You disappoint me!"
  • "You'll suffer for that!"
  • "My blood stirs..."
  • "Take this!"
  • "Get ready!"
  • "No mercy!"
  • "Entertain me!"
  • "You'll pay!"
  • "Scream!"
  • "Damn!"
  • "Feel my pain!" — During Reversal Edge against Taki
  • "I won't forgive you!"
  • "I won't forget!" — After losing to Taki or Sophitia
  • "You're naught but a vessel!" — After losing to Ivy
  • "Impossible!" — Ring Out, first quote
  • "It's not over!" — Ring Out, second quote
  • "I'll squeeze you dry!"
  • "Sad fool!"
  • "Fear me!"
  • "Prepare thyself!"
  • "Damn you... miserable wretch!" — Taunting Taki
  • "Damn you... imbecile!" — Taunting Sophitia
  • "Heheheh... My daughter." — Taunting Ivy
  • "I'll incinerate you!"
  • "I will never perish!"
  • "I'll feast upon you!"
  • "I will crush you!"
  • "You wish to fight me?"
  • "Don't fool yourself!"
  • " power!"
  • " yours!"
  • "Stop wasting time!"
  • "Don't fool yourself!"
  • "I'll eradicate you!" — During Reversal Edge
  • "I'll stomp you out!" — During Reversal Edge
  • "Burn in hell!" — During Reversal Edge
  • "What cock-eyed hair!" — During Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "Such a voluptuous soul!" — During Reversal Edge against Ivy
  • "I'll consume your power!"
  • "That's it!"
  • "Vengeance is mine!" — During Reversal Edge against Sophitia
  • "Time to reclaim my blade!" — During Reversal Edge against Nightmare
  • "Cunning little thief!"
  • "Now, you know despair!"
  • "Fear the name of the dread Captain Cervantes!"
  • "Hahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!"
  • "Nothing holds power over me!"
  • "Revenge is such a sweet fruit!" — After defeating Taki
  • "Hah! Seems your prayer didn't reach Heaven!" — After defeating Sophitia
  • "Yes! What a fine soul!" — After defeating Ivy
  • "Hah! Tiresome pest!" — spoken after losing by time out
  • "No! Not again!" — spoken after losing by time out to Taki
  • "Not to this imbecile!" — spoken after losing by time out to Sophitia
  • "You dare to refuse me?" — spoken after losing by time out to Ivy



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SOULCALIBUR VI - Cervantes Reveal Trailer - PS4, X1, PC

SOULCALIBUR VI - Cervantes Reveal Trailer - PS4, X1, PC