Chaos & Order is the default weapon of Azwel in Soulcalibur VI.


A pair of Palindrome gauntlets created by the brilliant sage Azwel. One carries a fragment of the cursed sword and the other a fragment of the spirit sword, and exposing these to special waves creates a variety of effects. Further experiments by Azwel have identified waves that can unlock even greater abilities.

The following passage was found scrawled in the sage's research records:

"Oscillations appear between two sides of the same object as well as between opposing concepts. Among these, I have found the greatest stability in the reaction to waves what I shall refer to as chaos and order. These results hint at something even more fascinating..."


Though the weapon are the Palindrome gauntlets, they're used to summon a multitude of weapons out of thin air: a blue spear, shield and a red axe along with a pair of swords of those same colors. Azwel uses this weapon in both Soul Chronicle and Libra of Soul and can be obtained as an Ancient weapon in Libra of Soul after mastering Azwel's style and defeating the corresponding Ancient.


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