Chaos, a stage from Soulcalibur.
Background music Immortal Flame
Home to Inferno (SC)

Chaos is a desolate land created by Inferno and filled with hellfire... According to legend, this land is made in the image of the place where the demonic blade Soul Edge shows its true self. This place is the physical manifestation of the pain and suffering caused by Soul Edge as it consumes the souls of its victims. However, those who gaze upon these lands may only recognize the this as the mesmerizing, beautiful colored lights that shift and dance in the air. This is the final destination for those who pursue Soul Edge.

In the game's Mission Mode, a gateway to Chaos will be opened upon clearing all 1st missions on each area of the map. The gateway will appear on all sides of the map as a flaming icon, as if it were following the player.

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