Colossus during a battle.

Colossus is a giant stone statue in Soulcalibur III who can be fought in Tales of Souls mode at the Gate Of the Gods stage if the player is being watched. He can be fought in Mission mode under "Dancing statue". He can be played with certain cheat devices.


He is a giant stone statue that's sculpted to look like a man with thick hair and beard. Colossus wears a toga, and carries a giant stone sword and shield. He does not speak or make noises. Once he dies, he will collapse and if the player is standing in front or under him, he will fall down onto the player crushing and killing them. This results in an automatic failure on the players part.


  • Olympus Punisher

Fighting Style

Colossus's attacks consist of slow, but powerful attacks. In fact, only one of his attacks uses the sword. He usually kicks the player, stomps on them, fires a powerful beam from his eyes that could take a great portion of the player's health. He can even pick up the player, swing them a few times before slamming them into the ground. As an advantage on the player's part, he is very slow and cannot jump, or guard but still cannot be ringed-out.

Defeating Colossus

An effective way to defeat Colossus is to side-step most of his attacks, but try to avoid most of his stomping attacks. Guarding his attacks will instantly break your defenses, it is best to avoid getting hit at all costs. He will eventually turn around after being attacked several times, but continue to use attacks on him and back-up occasionally in case he does turn around. Lastly avoid getting crushed by Colossus if you are in front or beneath him.


  • He appears in Lizardman's Soulcalibur III endings, in the city overrun by Lizardmen and all under control of Lizardman. Colossus appears to be shattered into pieces by a fountain with only his head and part of his sword shown being somewhat intact next to other scraps of his remains. This may be a result of the Lizardmen's reckless behavior while taking over the city, or it may be emblematic of Lizardman's grudge against Hephaestus.
  • Though his weapon is called Olympus Punisher, it appears to be a giant stone version of the Omega Sword & Elk Shield.​
  • The Colossus is sculpted with the appearance of Hephaestus.
  • His actual first appearance is in the intro to Soul Edge.
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