Conqueror's Coliseum
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Background music A High-Spirited Tiger
Home to Xiba (SCV)
"The duelers carve their souls into their swords to fend for their lives."
— Narrator

The Conqueror's Coliseum is a stage in Soul Calibur V. This stage is set in an oval-shaped, gated ancient Coliseum ring located on the Mughal Empire's border. Four giant statues as well as many cloaked men with masks watch the scene from the ranks. The cloaked men are spectators who wish to hide their identities from one another.


  • Coincidentally, the men on the ranks are very similar in appearance to the zealots in Resident Evil 4, aside from their skin color.
  • A nighttime variation set in a different arena is the Conqueror's Coliseum: Underground Fight stage.
  • This stage is considered to be Xiba's.


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