The job list is based from Soulcalibur III.


Name Price Style Special

- Iron Sword Level 1
- Grieve Edge Level 10
- Wave Sword Level 20
- Soul of Nightmare Level 30 l
- Soul of Astaroth Level 30

Beginning Stats of Barbarian

Health: 245

Strength: 105

Vitality: 75

Agility: 7


Name Price Style Special

- Tambourine level 1
- Steel Fan level 10
- Grieve Edge level 20
- Soul of Xianghua level 30
- Soul of Voldo level 30

  • The Dancer has the lowest vitality and strength out of all the Job Classes. This means the player is at an immense disadvantage when using this class no matter how high their level. Weapon effects such as hightened defense and auto guard impact are essential for survival. Especially, if facing Agave who has bolstered attack which allow her to destroy her opposition (you) with ease. The same goes with Strife himself for he wields Soul edge as a Sword Master.
  • While using the Dancer, its best or rather, safer to use Xianghua's style which allows you to stun your opponent with a tremor and follow up with several other attacks.


Name Price Style Special

- Dagger level 1
- Wave Sword level 10
- Sickle level 20
- Soul of Yun-seong level 30
- Soul of Tira level 30


Name Price Style Special

- Kunai level 1
- Katana & Shuriken level 10
- Sickle level 20
- Soul of Taki level 30
- Soul of Setsuka level 30


Name Price Style Special

- Staff level 1
- Dagger level 10
- Steel Fan level 20
- Soul of Zasalamel level 30
- Soul of Talim level 30


Name Price Style Special

- Nunchaku level 1
- Staff level 10
- Grieve Edge level 20
- Soul of Maxi level 30
- Soul of Kilik level 30


Name Price Style Special

- Katana level 1
- Katana & Shuriken level 10
- Sickle level 20
- Soul of Mitsurugi level 30
- Soul of Yoshimitsu level 30


Name Price Style Special

- Wave Sword level 1
- Kunai level 10
- Chinese Sword level 20
- Soul of Lizardman level 30
- Soul of Tira level 30


Name Price Style Special

- Sword & Shield
- Wave Sword
- Grieve Edge
- Soul of Rock
- Soul of Seong Mi-na


Name Price Style Special

- Chinese Sword
- Rapier
- Iron Sword
- Soul of Cervantes
- Soul of Ivy


Name Price Style Special

- Chinese Blade
- Sword and Shield
- Staff
- Soul of Sophitia
- Soul of Cassandra


Name Price Style Special

- Lance
- Iron Sword
- Rapier
- Soul of Siegfried
- Soul of Raphael

Knight's Beginning Stats

Health: 260

Strength: 81

Vitality: 120

Agility: 91

Sword Master

Name Price Style Special

- Katana & Shuriken
- Kunai
- Katana
- Chinese Sword
- Chinese Blade
- Grieve Edge
- Staff
- Lance
- Steel Fan
- Sickle
- Dagger
- Iron Sword
- Sword & Shield
- Tambourine
- Nunchaku
- Wave Sword
- Rapier

Sword Master's Beginning Stats

Health: 280

Strength: 121

Vitality: 121

Agility: 120


  • There were originally going to be five more job classes, including Coward, Noble, Beastmaster, Warrior, & Clown. Their unique quotes would have been;
    • "How did I end up in this situation?"
    • "Why did things end up this way?"
    • "Hmm, this is a chance to gain some recognition."/"It looks like this is an opportunity to make a name for myself."
    • "Does this mean I will live a long life?"/"Does this mean you wish me a long life?"
    • "Bow before me!"
    • "Did you really think that you could defeat me?"/"Did you really expect to defeat one of noble blood?"
    • "You wanted a chance to take me on, did you not?"
    • "Who did you think your dealing with, insolent cur?"
    • "I am the greatest warrior in the world!"
    • "Run away, & spread word of my power!"
    • "I thought you were a great warrior. I'm dissapointed!"
    • "You can't even beat an old man/woman like me!"
    • "You think you can get away?
    • "Humans or beasts, the basics are all the same."
    • "Animals offer more challenge than you."
    • "Your [pathetic] moves are way too easy to track."
    • "And that's the end of the show!"
    • "I hope you had fun!"
    • "It's going to take a lot more than that to be part of the show!"
    • "Why mess with an old clown/hag like me?"
  • The proof of this can be found [[1]], & they can only be used through hacks. It is unknown what their CAS weapons or Soul Weapons would have been.
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