Critical Edge in Soul Edge (Soul Blade)

Critical Edge is the name given to attacks used by all Standard Characters (and Soul Edge) characters in Soul Edge (Soul Blade). It is instigated by pressing all three attack buttons simultaneously, and if successful the player's character will do a single attack that will see their weapon engulf in a flash of light - if the attack hits the opponent, the character will automatically unleash a series of attacks against the opponent. During this time, the player is able to enter a command (unique to each character) which will cause the character to unleash even more attacks while in this state.

Using the Critical Edge has a disadvantageous side effect however; it drains the power of the character's weapon, and can usually only be used thrice (this differs depending on the weapon's current state). However there are some weapons with the ability to recover over time, making this less of a problem.

Mitsurugi and Taki both have stages in their Edge Master Mode where they have to use a "perfect" Critical Edge to defeat their opponents - this means that simply using the "easy" Critical Edge (i.e. simply pressing all attack buttons) will not be enough, so the player must learn the correct command for both characters.

Critical Edge in Soulcalibur V

Critical Edges make a return in Soulcalibur V. The mechanics, however, have been altered to a rather large extent. These super attacks now drain 100% of the Soul Gauge and deal different amounts of damage, depending on the selected character. Also, some characters' Critical Edge moves can be comboed or have throw properties, such as Ivy's and Astaroth's. Critical Edges in Soulcalibur V are similar to Super and Ultra Combos in Street Fighter IV and Rage Arts in Tekken 7.

As of TGS2011, the Critical Edge input was 236236A+B+K (two quarter-circles forward, A+B+K).

Learn Along with Soul Calibur 5 Critical Edge

Learn Along with Soul Calibur 5 Critical Edge

Critical Edge in Soulcalibur VI

Critical Edge returns in Soulcalibur VI, remaining unchanged. However, it is now activated by just inputting A+B+K instead of 236236A+B+K (two quarter-circles forward, A+B+K). It is also known that Critical Edge deals more damage when the user has low health.

List of Critical Edges

Soulcalibur V

Character Critical Edge
Aeon Calcos Devourer of God: Aeon rolls under his opponent, leaps into the air, and breathes fire at his foe.
Algol Al Gamar Qahhar / Al Shams Qahhar: If the player has 1 full bar of Critical Gauge, Algol uses his power to places his throne on the opponent. (Al Gamar Qahhar) If the player has 2 full bars of Critical Gauge, Algol uses his power to places his throne on the opponent, teleports onto it and forces it down. (Al Shams Qahhar) Al Shams Qahhar requires a second input and 2 full bars of Critical Gauge for the teleport.
Astaroth Cestemus Doctrine: Grabs his enemy by the head, throws them to the ground in front of him, and drills into their back with the end of his axe.
Cervantes/Inferno Cursed Roman Fire: Unleashes an unblockable shot from his gun.
Dampierre Cockaigne, the Land of Plenty: Dampierre lurks under his enemy and delivers a two-hand punch.
Devil Jin Demon Laser Cannon: Delivers a flying kick into his enemy, flies underneath them, shoots them into the air with a laser attack and then grabs them to slam them to the ground.
Edge Master Mimics the Critical Edge of whichever character he's currently imitating.
Elysium Eleusian Initiation: Elysium hovers in the air and unleashes a stream of energy that inflicts several hits.
Ezio Auditore da Firenze Full Synchronization: Slices an enemy thrice, then shoots them with his crossbow and hidden gun.
Hilde Storm and Urge: Stabs an enemy five times with her lance.
Ivy Acasual Paradox: Grabs an enemy, throws them to the air and makes the sword slam them to the ground.
Kilik Mimics the Critical Edge of whichever male character he's currently imitating.
Leixia River of Stars: Delivers a three-hit combo while spinning.
Maxi Rampaging Dragon: Delivers a three-hit combo.
Mitsurugi Witching Hour: Delivers a launcher, followed by a vertical slash.
Natsu Great Curse of Arahabaki: Uses the power of Arahabaki to send out three pillars of energy in either direction.
Nightmare Dark Reconquista: Deflects incoming attacks and deal a heavy strike.
Patroklos Price of Justice: Uppercuts an opponent with his shield, before throwing his sword into them, then leaping up to pull it out.
α Patroklos Transcending Rapture: Slashes the opponent as he rushes past, then slowly sheathes his sword, the end causing his dazed opponent to suffer a surge of ice damage.
Pyrrha Trinity Strike: Stabs her opponent three times.
Pyrrha Ω Omega Therion: Stabs enemy in the guts, lifts them above her, then pulls sword out roughly, making them fly.
Raphael Royal Vexation: Uppercuts, stabs opponent three times and delivers a finishing stab.
Siegfried Legacy Testament: Slams his sword into the ground, causing a stream of crystals to sprout in front of him.
Tira Discord Parade (Jolly) / Discord Parade Finale (Gloomy): Hits the opponent with a whirling combo. Adds a finishing strike when in her "Gloomy" mode.
Viola Arcanum Azarael: Makes her orb magnetic, pulling the opponent in and damaging them if they touch the orb.
Voldo Wheel of Madness: Bows, grabs his opponent and rolls around with them before releasing them and rolling off of them.
Xiba Kong's Dance of Qi Tian Da Sheng: Knocks his opponent into the air with his rod, delivers a midair kick combo, and strikes them down with his rod.
Yoshimitsu Manji Virtue and Influence: Draws both swords while entering the Indian Stance, and spins towards his opponent. If the low attack hits, he rises from the ground while he is still in the Indian Stance and slams the butt of both of his swords together, creating a blinding light in front of him while an aura forms behind him that forces his opponent to cover their eyes and fall back first into the ground.
Z.W.E.I. Werewolf Confess: Summons E.I.N, who grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground.

Soulcalibur VI

Character Critical Edge
2B Suppression: Extermination Gambit: Attacks her opponent and teleports to attack them multiple times before appearing on the ground to summon a wall of energy weapons that stabs her opponent as they fall.

Limiter Release: Self-Destruct (Low HP): Attacks her opponent, then traps them in A140: Gravity. She slowly walks up to her opponent, grabs them and initiates a self-destruct sequence.

Amy Aléa Rouge / Aléa Blanc / Rose Mystique: Knocks her opponent up and begins to twirl while attacking her opponent. Then she delivers the final pierce to knock her opponent down.
Astaroth Final Anguish: Grabs the opponent by the throat and slams to the ground. Pierces their back with his axe and lifts them up. He spins down and slams them to the ground once again.
Azwel From Science, with Love (Normal): An extremely quick upward sword slash. He then guides his two swords as they continuously slash at the airborne opponent before summoning numerous red and blue energy blades that converge on them and explode violently.

I Shall Save Humanity! (Soul Charged): Releases a shockwave that binds the opponent in the air, generates a replica of the Soul Swords, then plunges both replicas unto the target, creating a blinding light.

Cassandra Shield Super Nova (Normal): Cassandra punches her opponent, kicks it away, run towards it, slash him to the air and uppercuts it with her shield as her target falls.

Shield Big Bang (Divine Force): With Divine Force active, after kicking her enemy away, she ricochets her shield back and forth with slashes and kicks before lauching the foe to the air and do the aforementioned uppercut.

Cervantes Casa de Leviathian: Hits his opponent then kicks them away. Shoots at their legs and slices them into the air. He then teleports above then drills them back down to the ground.
Geralt of Rivia Hunt of the White Wolf: Slashes his opponent which knocks them down. Controls them to stand up, slashes them into the air, creates fire, and delivers the final blow.
Grøh Chevalier Mai Fet: Hits his opponent which knocks them back, throws his spinning dual saber at them then teleports to them. He hits them a couple more times until delivers a final blow.
Haohmaru Judgment Blast Slash: Delivers a series of five Kogetsu Zan slashes, before delivering a powerful Kogetsu Zan.
Flame of the Conqueror (with Max Rage or Rage Explosion): Performs a powerful slash that knocks his opponent down.

Lightning Blade (with Rage Explosion): Performs a lighting fast slash right through his opponent.

Hilde Silver Wolf: She starts attacking her opponent with her sword, then impales her spear to the opponent's chest. She grinds her sword and starts attacking her opponent, followed up with a Calamitous-powered spear to thrust her opponent.
Ivy Guilty Throne: Expands her sword which launches her opponent into the air. She impales them mid air then slams them down to the ground while stomping on their head.
Kilik Ling-Sheng Su Phoenix Loop (Normal): Hits his opponent with his rod and lifts them while hitting them a bit more. Steps forward and delivers a finishing blow.
Forbidden Moonset (Soul Charged): Grabs his opponent and lifts then throws them down. Charges his rod, falls down and impales them which causes a massive explosion.
Maxi Raging Dragon Zodiac: Hits his opponent multiple times with his nunchucks. He throws his nunchucks into the air and delivers a fiery punch to his opponent as a final blow and catches his nunchucks.
Mitsurugi Thunderbolt Blade: Slashes his opponent which lifts them up into the air, then strikes them down with another slash which launches them higher into the air.
Nightmare and Inferno Dark Reconquista: Triumph / Dark Reconquista: Purgatory: Stabs his sword into the ground and causes an explosion which knocks his opponent back. He later comes out of the mist riding on a demonic horse and charges at his opponent to hit them.
Raphael Royal Poison: Slashes his opponent before delivering the final pierce.
Seong Mi-na New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor: Knocks her opponent down, then slashes her opponent up. She then juggles them by spinning herself and her blade, and charges the blade before finishing them with another strike. 
Siegfried Deep Scar / Crimson Scar: Slashes his opponent into the air, grinds the sword to the ground, launches the target to the air once more, charges his zweihander with his leftovers of Soul Edge's power and hits his opponent.
Sophitia Providential Thunder: Slashes her opponent twice, uppercuts them with her shield, then throws her sword up which stabs them and causes an explosion.
Taki Fu-Ma Seal, Fatal Violet: Pulls out Rekki-Maru and slashes her opponent until they are trapped in a T-pose state. Then pulls out Mekki-Maru and stabs them which causes an explosion.
Talim Blade Cyclone: Lunges forward and does a dance which hits the opponent multiple times. Summons a tornado which launches the opponent up, then summons another to strike them down to the ground.
Tira Bleak Concerto (Jolly) / Bleak Concerto: Finale (Gloomy): Slashes her opponent with a ring blade. Adds a finishing blow when in her "Gloomy" mode, before kicking her opponent away.
Voldo Downward Spiral: Spin-strikes his opponent, knocks them in the air, bounces him up further, before jumping up and striking again. They fall down when he bows.
Xianghua Sublimating Blade: Slashes her opponent into the air and delivers combos until they are left standing where a burst knocks them to the ground.
Yoshimitsu Ghost Thief Funeral: Rises up and slashes down on his opponent, takes their soul and slices it into three. He absorbs their soul while they collapse to the ground.
Zasalamel The Voice from the Abyss: Makes time stop which freezes his opponent, slices his opponent with his scythe, then snaps to continue time.
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