Cursed Moonlit Woods
Cursed Moonlit Woods
Background music Moon of Oblivion
Home to Raphael & Amy (SCVI)
"The cacophony of battle cuts through the deathly silence in an invitation to madness."
— Narrator

The Cursed Moonlit Woods is a stage that appears in Soulcalibur VI.

Myths and legends about the moon can be found in every culture and every corner of the earth. Tales of the gods and beats who dwell on its silvery surface, stories of men driven by its light, and folk tales of humans turning into beasts under the full moon...the list goes on. Moonlight at once illuminates the world and drains it of its color, and has sparked the imaginations of people since time began.

However, despite the unearthly beauty of a word lit by moonlight, one must never forget that in the shadows of the light, ravenous beasts prowl, and malfested horrors stalk their prey.

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