Kokuryou Cyprus Republic of Venice

This island has flourished as an economic power to reign in strategic points in the east Mediterranean, of the Republic of Venice, had its prominence as a tourist destination greet the large number of passengers from mainland Europe. As at that time was planning to build a huge breakthrough tourist facilities on this island is a large merchant Lorenzo Dandolo. Shopping arena arranged accommodation and large, the people from Istanbul and was brought from Alexandria, we compete with the strong feature that was gathered. Is that the time had a large pirate Cervantes vandalism around the Mediterranean Sea. Been rocked by the cruise ships are protected by the Navy was strong in Venice, enjoy a safe trip abroad was that of whether or not once in life, even though royalty and the aristocracy.

Tourists who visited Cyprus, this was by spending money endlessly. Dishes with plenty of spices, the finest wine from Greece was taken. It was a tournament arena minus the attention of tourists, especially those that also in elaborate ancient Roman style. Heroes in tournament prize money and precious objects was applied as a huge prize, a renowned name in each country for that object is a tournament I participated in this arena of Cyprus unanimously.

Even after the man who identifies himself as Barbaros hijack the Ottoman Empire, caused the war of aggression toward the world, also tournament arena Cyprus here that are protected in the Navy's powerful Republic of Venice flourished, had been up to the pronoun that a more powerful warriors was supposed to meet ....


  • The first mission is to defeat all the enemies who appear in the arena, just like a tournament.
  • The second and last mission is to deafet Lloyd, the guest character. When you're almost defeating him, a great Dragon appear and both Siefried and Lloyd team up to defeat him. After te battle, Lloyd is unlocked.
  • This is the fastest mission in the game. It can be done using 00:39 seconds. Lloyd isn't difficult and the Dragon is even more easier.
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