Dalkia is a kingdom on Chronicles of the sword.


The Kingdom of Dalkia, ruled by Queen Aurelia is one of three major countries on the continent where Chronicles of the Sword takes place, alongside the Grandall Empire and Halteese Republic. Persuaded by Chester, Aurelia declared war on Grandall, but the Dalkian offensive was halted due in large part to the actions of a Grandall Cadet. Despite the best efforts of The Klessirpemdo, the elite forces of Dalkia, Grandall forces led by the Cadet subsequently pushed into Dalkia territory. However, Emperor Strife Astlar ordered the Cadet to divert their attention to assaulting Halteese, leaving the attack on Dalkia to Abelia. With the Cadet gone from the Dalkia front, Roin was able to stop the Grandall advance.

After the fall of Halteese to the previously-unknown Maletta kingdom, Dalkia allied with Maletta in an attempt to defeat the Grandall forces led by the Cadet; however, after the joint assault by Dalkia and Maletta forces was foiled, Dalkia annulled the alliance to better focus on defending their own lands. After Maletta was conquered by Grandall, the Cadet returned to the Dalkia front and smashed the last line of defense held by the Klessirpemdo before laying siege to the capital city, Revless. Despite fierce resistance from Dalkia forces, Revless fell to Grandall and Aurelia was defeated in battle, ending the kingdom.
Insignia of Dalkia


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