All Users must follow these policies. Anyone who breaks these policies will be punished. If the same user continues to break these Rules repeatedly their account will be blocked from anywhere between a few hours to forever. To read our other policies go here. To propose a whole new policy or a change to current policies read this page.

Deletion Policies

1. In accordance to the Rules of Fanon creating a page for a character outside the Soul series under the FanChar namespace or otherwise is infringement and prohibited on this Wiki. Any pages like this will immediately be deleted.

2. Creating a page about a rumored guest character is prohibited and will have the Template {{Delete}} added, it will then be ether locked until an official announcement or deleted.

3. Creating a page to troll or flame is prohibited, the page will immediately be deleted and the user will be given a warning. If the same user does this again they will be blocked.

4. In accordance to the Rules of Fanon adding a Fan Game that would be a future sequel to the canon Soul series (like Soulcalibur VI) is prohibited, unless you add a subtitle (like Soulcalibur VI: The Final Chapter).

5. Creating a FanChar  page for canon Soul series characters is Prohibited, however you are allowed to create small sections of information about them on a FanVerse  page. (Example, FanVerse: Astral Series notice how information about Abelia is there).

6. Any images or videos that are pornographic or gory will be removed immediately. The User who posted the content will be given one warning before being blocked.

7. Do not leave a page blank, a page (Main and Fanon) must have a suitable amount of information on it. If a page is blank for one week or more the creator will be given a warning to add more information to it. If it continues to stay blank for longer the page will be deleted after the first warning has been given. A blank page is a page that is empty with no/little information whatsoever or a Main/Fanon page that only contains a Template and no other information.

Any User who is not an Bureaucrat/Admin must add the Template {{Delete|*Your reason here*}} to the page and report the page to an Admin. These Policies are effective from July 7, 2015  

Note: Different policies will have different terms for deletion, this page is just a general outline on what will be deleted.