"A pathetic cur... like you... dares to take on... this country... this king?!"
— Demuth

Demuth Beel Zebus Halteese (デムース・ベル・ゼバス・ハルティース Demūsu Beru Zebasu Harutīsu?) is a fictional character in Namco's Soul series of fighting games. He appears in Soulcalibur III side-quest mode Chronicles of the Sword as the king of Maletta and enemy on Chronicle 10. He's also an unlockable Bonus Character in the main game. He represents the "Steel Fan" Create-a-Fighter discipline.


Demuth is the youngest of three sons of The Halteese' Royal Family. He's a glutton by nature, greatly enjoying big meals and fine drinks. One day Chester appeared before him and explained that, since he never cared for the throne, his two older brothers were already going to take it, and that his chances of taking it now were near zero.

As Demuth pondered on the idea of assassinating his older brothers, Chester offered a different plan: using the small territory his brothers arranged for him to rule, he would create a kingdom of his own, Maletta. After defeating the Halteese Army, Maletta was recognized as an independent kingdom. Demuth then planned the take of Halteese to expand its territories.

Although he was successful on assaulting Halteese's capital Epistema, his troops are forced back by Grandall's units, lead by the player. Upon his failures, Chester took the advantage and proclaimed himself King of Maletta, leaving Demuth without troops. Drunk and swearing revenge on Chester, Demuth is left to die with the traitor soldier, Hyle at the hands of the player and their troops.




  • "I will enjoy watching you squirm. Time to die!"
  • "Yes, scream in agony!"
  • "Not a bad cry, actually."
  • "Yes, my heart quivers with delight!"
  • "I'm going to dissect you slowly."
  • "This is unbearable! Simply, simply unbearable!"
  • "Pain and anguish await you."
  • "A pathetic cur... like you... dares to take on... this country... this king?!"


  • Parts of his name, "Beel Zebus", are a corruption of "Beelzebuth", one of many alternate spellings of "Beelzebub" (meaning "the lord of flies"), a fallen angel and later high-ranking official, as well as one of the Seven Princes of Hell in Christian and Jewish mythology.
  • Demuth's entire costume is made from Create-a-Fighter parts. However, his body build is unique.
  • In Chronicles of the Sword, Demuth has a minor role and participation and is even relegated to a normal enemy when he fights in Chronicle 10. He's the only bonus character who never acted as a boss in any chronicle, although he could be viewed as a miniboss.
  • The Valentine Mansion (Ivy's stage) serves as his castle's interior during his sole fight in Chronicles of the Sword. Yet if timed right, just as he flees the keep (it must be destroyed when he exits), his stage is represented as the Romanian Valley Castle Siege.
  • If the player takes too much time (ten to fifteen minutes) in reaching Hyle, Demuth can be seen escaping to either of the two towers which stand before the Malettan castle. Hyle then is alone in the castle's keep and Demuth fights in the tower alone after Kierkess sends all his troops when the keep is destroyed/taken over by the player. If the player takes too long (leaving the game paused included) he will retreat to either tower with the Hellgenous.
  • Demuth's Destined Battle during Quick Play is Zasalamel.
  • At least one of his moves is borrowed from Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken series.
  • Demuth makes a cameo appearance in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny using Setsuka's move list and Yakou as his weapon. His appearance depicts him much younger compared to his original appearance.
  • Halphas is his older brother, whom was bested by the player only to later be killed by Mooncalf. His other older brother is unknown, yet possibly Kureha or Yufeng within Chronicle 7.

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