Denevér Castle: Assault
Background music Pavor Nocturnus
Home to Nightmare (SCV)
"Creatures storm out of the castle, and reveal its true nature."
— Narrator

Denevér Castle is a stage with a half circle ledge surrounded by broken walls, but with only one area to ring out opponents. The stage takes place in a remote region of Hungary, the country Nightmare rules (with the Holy Roman Emperor's authority) under the alias of Graf Dumas.

Large malfested birds patrol the skies surrounding the castle, which is being attacked by the forces of Schwarzwind. The large humanoid beast being restrained by members of Schwarzwind in the background is actually one of the mass-produced Astaroths. Dumas had captured the golem and turned it into a malfested, causing it to become larger in size.   


  • "Denevér" (pronounced Den-eh-VEER) means "bat" (as in the flying mammal) in Hungarian. Thus, the castle appears to be named "Bat Castle".
  • Another version of the stage, set after Pyrrha opened a portal to Astral Chaos, is the Denevér Castle: Eye of Chaos stage.
  • The mutated Astaroth is the 'twin' of the golem in the Ancient Citadel: Under Siege stage.
  • The stage was designed as the opposite of the scenario in the Ancient Citadel: Under Siege stage. Here, Schwarzwind holds the advantage by attacking the enemy's stronghold.
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