Denevér Castle: Eye of Chaos
Eyes of chaos
Background music Adorned with Evil
Home to Pyrrha Omega (SCV)
"Her desperation opens the gates to destruction."
— Narrator

Denevér Castle: Eye of Chaos is a stage in Soulcalibur V. The stage is similar to Denevér Castle: Assault with additional elements from Astral Chaos, such as a darkened sky.

After Nightmare's defeat, Pyrrha was able to claim Soul Edge as her own, becoming the new wielder of the cursed sword; the Crimson Despair. Using Soul Edge, Pyrrha cut through the fabric of reality in front of her, opening a gate to Astral Chaos. Through the gate, the otherworldly structures of the realm and the "Star of Chaos" became visible to the world.


  • The stage is unlocked by defeating Pyrrha Ω in Story Mode.
  • The battle between Patroklos and Pyrrha, and indirectly Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, takes place on this stage. 
  • The astral gate closes after Patroklos and Pyrrha use Soul Edge to stab Soul Calibur, sealing both swords in Astral Chaos.
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