Dragon is an enemy that is fought against during the "Tales of Souls" mode in Soulcalibur III. He uses the "Chinese Sword" Battle style, and his clothing is based around items that have "Dragon" in their name. He is seen wielding the Dragon sword, wearing fire dragon pants, and is wearing dragon gauntlets.


An Asian ship found him alive during the sunset, in the middle of the ocean, unconscious. He was saved by an Asian man and provided a treatment. When he woke up, he didn't seem to remember his past or his name. The only thing that the Asian man saw was a burned dragon mark on his back. He had no name, so the Asian man named him "Dragon".

When he arrived at the Asian port, the man asked Dragon to join forces with the army and learn martial arts with weapons from the dojo. A few months later, Dragon succeeded from his trial and was ready to join forces with the imperial army. Then, years later, after his campaign was accomplished, Dragon decided to quit and the General of the Imperial Forces offered him a Dragon Sword, Dragon Gaunlets and Dragon Armor as rewards for serving the country. Dragon is now a wanderer.

Dragon is a Western man with martial arts sword skill, and was one of the high ranking gladiators in the Lakeside Coliseum.


  • Dragon appears in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny as a created character in Quick Match. He uses Seong Mi-na's moveset, but looks nothing like he did in Soul Calibur III.

    Dragon, as he appears in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

Create a Soul formula SCIII




Weapon:Chinese Sword



True Alignment:--

Face: No.13

Eyebrows: Color (5, 25)

Lips: Color (3, 6)

Eyes: Color (24, 4)

Skin: Color (6, 16)


Voice: Man

True Voice:--


Hair: Balding(11, 11)

Lower Torso: Sleeveless Shirt (25, 02)

Upper Torso: Massive Plate (10, 24)

Arms: Dragon Gaunlets (10, 22)

Waist: Tiger Waist Band (8, 19)

Upper Legs: Fire Dragon (2, 24)

Information in create a soul formula section was contributed by Ericard [1].