Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8

Height: 168 cm (5'7")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Blood Type: AB
Family: All deceased.
(Natural causes)
Weapon: Korfuji
Style: Mitsurugi

 This young Samurai known as
"The Guardian in this age of
civil war." He is also called
"The Great Swordsman."
Although he is feared for his
fierce fighting, he was born a
farmer's son in Bizen.

 The strong young boy enjoyed
farming, however after many
years of seeing his beloved
farm ravaged by war, he became
angered and discouraged.
"It's better to raid than to
be raided." He said.

 In the winter of his 14th
year, He threw down the hoe
and took up the sword.
Studying swordsmanship under
a powerful clan-lord, he was
eventually hired as a
"mercenary for the advent
of war." It was then when he
took the name "Mitsurugi."

 His original fighting style
and tremendously powerful
attacks during battle made
him quite feared. "He has
been known to mow through
foes as if they were like
a field of wheat." Some say.

 He has a spectacular battle-
field record with several 
commendations to the rank of

 Having rejected his military
commissions, Mitsurugi's only
desire is that of a worthy

 Mitsurugi eventually leaves
the Urakami Clan, much to their
regret, to pursue a career as
a freelance mercenary.
He fights in every war in the
land, thus earning his nickname
"The Guardian in an age of
civil war."

 It is during this time that
he hears of a new weapon
"Tanegashima" - a matchlock

 "What is this? A firearm?
It cannot be so powerful.
It looks like a pipe!"
Mitsurugi stared in disbelief.

 However, even the mighty
Takeda cavalry was wiped out
by this weapon.

 For Mitsurugi, who has
fought with a single sword,
this is an urgent matter.
"If this weapon is allowed in
the world, wars will not be
won by the strong and I will
lose my job as a mercenary!"

 "I must find a weapon stronger
than that rifle!"

 A rumor about the legendary
sword "SoulEdge" reaches his

"That's it. This weapon can
overpower the fire arm."

 Without a second thought,
Mitsurugi starts his search to
find the blade. "Somewhere in
the world, this "SoulEdge"

The Shrine of Confined Demons

 In Oni, surrounded by bamboo,
lies a haunted temple, inhabited
by a horrible demon.

"A demon. How interesting..."

 Upon hearing this tale,
Mitsurugi heads for the

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Weapon: Crescent Ax
Style: Own Style

   A Reckless Commando

 As an orphan on the new
continent, he learned his
skills for survival in the

 He was possessed by an
evil spirit upon entering
the shrine and has now
become a demon himself!

 Fight all who enter the

 Mitsurugi defeats the
possessed Rock as well as his
malevolent doppleganger.
"I thought one demon was bad

 A fter the battle, Mitsurugi
finds a sword lying on the
stone floor. "Could this be

 Mitsurugi picks up
"Onimaru", the life drinker,
which can absorb the vitality
of its owner and convert it
to attacking power.

   The Pirate Fortress

 Noto castle is the head-
quarters of Noto-Murakami and
the Setonnai pirates. (also
known as the Mouri sea force)
The fortress occupies the
entire island. Naval ports
act as a sea barrier and
provide supplies for their
pirate ships.

  Mitsurugi visits Noto castle.
The chief counselor requests
him to guard the castle in
return for his passage tp
the continent.

 That night, He spots a ninja
creeping into the fortress.
"To defeat that ninja would be
quite an accomplishment!"

 Sword in hand, Mitsurugi
intercepts the ninja's flight
through the darkness.

 "Woman, give up quietly!
I demand your immediate
The woman smiles unexpectecdly.
"Man, you demand too much..."

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Rekkimaru
Dream-slashed sword

   The Underground Hunter

 Taki is a ninja whose
specialty is demon hunting.
She trailed Mitsurugi to the
castle to tretrieve "Onimaru"
which he had taken from the

 Act quickly, for you only
have a limited time to
defeat your enemy!

 Mitsurugi defeats the ninja,
Taki, The chief counselor
recognizes this great deed and
gives hime the sword "Iron
Slasher" as a reward.

 A few days later, Mitsurugi
took a sea force ship to the

   The old temple

 At the southern tip of the
Korean Peninsula, a historic
temple rests at the foor of
Mount Chii, It was originally
constructed in the 4th century
but has been rebuil several

 It is here that Mitsurugi
was challenged by a girl with
a large weapon.

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Born: Nov.3rd
Weapon: Naganaki
Seung's long blade

   "Heart nad Soul" Girl

 She is the daughter of a
martial arts master and an
expert swordsman. Ever since
she was refused by the coastal
defense force because of her
gender, she has been wasting
her days in frustration and
has taken to challenging any
swordsman she encounters.

 Use a throw technique to
defeat her!

 "You are a good fighter,
but you waste my time!"

 Using a variety of
techniques, Mitsurugi defeats
MiNA. He quickly leaves
while she is still stunned.

 Along his journy, Mitsurugi
hears an intriguing rumor.
A swordsman named Hwang is
searching for a weapon called
the "Patriot Sword."

"Could this be SoulEdge?"

   The Narrow Gorge

 Along China's Yangtze river
is the San Kyo, a deep gorge.
A canal flows through this
gorge providing a means of
transportation for travellers.

 As he travels down the canal
on a raft, Mitsurugi is
suddenly attacked by a stranger,
his fellow traveller.

"I will kill you, Heishiro
Mitsurugi!" shouts the man!

 The man brandishes a strange
weapon and leaps to the attack!

 Mitsurugi avoids what would
be a fatal blow, only receiving
a small scratch. Suddenly,
his limbs grow heavy.

"What!? Am I poisoned?"

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct.23
Snake Wind
Matchless Dragon

   The Rage of the Executor

 Li is an assassin sent from
Ming to Japan. He returned to
his home to find his love
Chie, murdered at the hand of
Mitsurugi. He tracked down
Mitsurugi and waited for the
right time to strike.

 Defeat him before the poison
takes effect.

 Li Long is defeated after a
bitter fight. Uttering
his last words "Chi....Chie!"

He flings himself into the
river and disappears.

"How is it my name is already
known in this country? And
who is Chie?"

 Mitsurugi recalled all the
people who held a grudge
against him. Surprised to find
there were so many, he stopped
counting. "I can't help it if
I fight to win!"

 Upon searching Li Long's
possessions, Mitsurugi finds
an antidote for the poison
and the legendary "Kojiro's

   The Desert

 There is a vast desert in
central Asia. This is the
most dangerous part of the
overland passage.

 "Huh? Who is that?"

Mitsurugi spots a swordsman
up ahead. Hwang waits for him
in the ruins of the ancient

 KnowingMitsurugi is traling
him, Hwang decides to set up
an ambush.
"Hey you!" says Hwang.
"What do you want from me?"

 "Uh...Um..." At a loss of
words, Mitsurugi draws his
sword to fight!

Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Aug.8th
Mountain Breaker
Seung's long blade

   The Hero in a warlike age

 Hwang has been ordered to
find the "Patriot Sword" to
rescue his homeland.

 He had already thwarted
other attempts to stop his
quest for the sword.

 Strike Hwang while in the
air to defeat him.

The two fought even though
they were exhausted from
travel. Mitsurugi, with a
surprising burst of energy,
leapt into the air, struck and
defeated Hwang.

 Mitsurugi steals a map
showing the way to Western
world from Hwang, who lies

   The Fighting Arena

The secret arena attracts
fighters from all over the
world. The victor receives a
valuable weapon as a reward.

 Mitsurugi arrives at the
arena with the help of the
stolen map.

 Defeat every opponent you

Age: 35
Weapon: Twin Ax
Style: Own Style

18 years old
Weapon: Rapier
Style: Athena

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Weapon: Naganaki
Seung's long blade

More opponents to be announced.

 Mitsurugi defeated all five
challengers at the arena.

 As his reward, he was given
the supernatural sword
"Water Moon".

 "Water Moon" shines with a
strange blue light and
contained the magical power
to protect its owner.

Attack on Ostrhinesburg Castle

 The castle of the Knight
Stefan is said to contain
weapons from all over the
world. His clams of
invincibility are being hard
pressed as he vainly defends
against a siege by Marquis
Andre and his powerful

 Mitsurugi joined the Marquis'
forces as a mercenary warrior.
Sensing the castle's imminent
fall, he decides to leave the

 Under the cover of cannon
fire and amidst the confusion,
Mitsurugi decides to search the
castle for "SoulEdge."

Age: 16
Born: Feb.6th
Weapon: Flamberge
Style: Own Style

   Innocent Darkside

 He is a young mercenary who
wanders from one battle to the
next seeking out "SoulEdge,"
hoping to avenge his father's
As a mercenary captain, He
guards Stefan's castle.

 The castle will soon fall.
 Defeat the enemy within the
 time allowed.

 Mitsurugi defeated the young
mercenary, Siegfried.
"Yu have great skill, but
cannot close in to finsih.
Your concentration is weak."
"Stop talking and just finish
me off!" Siegfried growled.
"Don't have time for that now!"
said Mitsurugi.

He ventured into the castle to
seize the "Two Handed Sword."

   The Secret Treasury

 This secret money pit is
where the millionaire Vercci
stores his fortune. Lying at
the bottom of a 50 meter pit
on a desert island surrounded
by deadly rip-tides, this
treasure island is indeed

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon: Guillotine
Style: Own Style

   The Hell Guardian

 Carrying out the will of
his long-dead master, Vercci,
Voldo has been guarding the
treasure vault for most of
his life. His sight and mind
have deteriorated in the dark
money pit.
However, that does not seem
to have dulled Voldo's talent
for killing, for no intruder
has ever escaped alive!

 Defeat him by using the

 Mitsurugi was almost over-
come by the superhuman Voldo,
but persevered with a relent-
less attack. "Hmm. They don't
seem to have the weapon I

 As Mitsurugi was leaving he
spotted an aged parchment.
"This is curious..." The note
to Vercci told that the pirate
had captured "SoulEdge" and
held it in his possession.
"This is it!" yelled Mitsurugi
with joy.

 Mitsurugi left the island
with the weapon "Falx" and
the letter revealing the
location of the pirate and

   The Final Battle

 Following the letter,
Mitsurugi arrived at the
Spanish base of the pirate
Cervantes. Cervantes' ship,
Adrian, lay anchored in port.

 Despite his growing
excitement, Mitsurugi could
nopt help but feel the
menacing atmosphere of the
desolate Spanish port.

"I have a strange feelin.
This must be the place."

 Mitsurugi sneaked aboard the
Adrain. The pirate ship reeked
of blood. Sensing someone
behind him. Mitsurugi turned

 There stood a man holding
two swords that pulsed as if
alive. "Ahhhh. I have been
waiting for you. I want you
hot soul for my blades."

"And I have waited long enough
for those hot blades. "
said Mitsurugi. "I will take
them now!"

"Just try boy!" Cervantes

The man's eyes flared with a
strange blue light and with
a roaring sound, his two
evil swords flew to attack

"What evil magic is this!?"

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: Possessed

   The Immortal Pirate

 He was the pirate once
feared by all who sailed the
Atlantic. Dozens of years
ago, he disappeared while
searching for "SoulEdge"
for Vercci, the Italian
weapons merchant.

 Defeat the enemy!

 Even the fearsome pirate was
not able to defeat Mitsurugi.
He thought his long journey
had finally ended here.

 Once he held the swords, he
knew something was not right,

 "These are indeed powerful
swords, but they are evil."

 Long seconds passed...

Then he cast "SoulEdge" away
without further hesitation.
Turning himself from the evil
swords, he sighed in

 "This is not what I wanted.
 He realized that "SoulEdge"
was pure evil, not the
weapons of legend.

 "I would refuse them even if
given to me!"

The end of the civil war...

 As the smoke of gunpowder
cleared over the battlefield,
Mitsurugi stood alone with
fresh determination.

 His journey to find a weapon
which can overpower the rifle
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