Age: 16
Born: Feb.6

Height: 157 cm. (5'1")
Weight: 48 kg (105 lb)
Blood Type: A
Frederick(Father, murdered)
Zweihander "Faust"
Style: Own Style

 He is the young commander of
mercenary knightsm, who seeks
an invicible sword in order
to avenge the murder of his
father. He has yet to find
the murderer or the weapons,

 "I must find the sword and
have my revenge... I must..."

 In Germany, the oppressed
peasants revolted against the
Holy Roman Empire. With its
forces weakened by the Italian
Wars, the German peasants
finally had a fighting chance.

 One of their champions was
Sir Frederick, a brave knight.
While on campaign, Frederick
met the lovely Margaret and
spent the night in her arms.

 After nine months of battle,
Frederick returned to find
that Margaret had given him
a son.

 Frederick realized his love
for Margaret and named his
son Siegfried, after the famous

 Several years passed. His
father, known as the "gentle
knight," taught his
son swordsmanship. He embarked
upon a foreign crusade,
promising his return to

 Young Siegfried, without his
father's gentle hand to guide
him, fell into bad company.

He banded together with a
group of outlaws and started
committing crimes.

 His strength grew and soon he
led a feared group of thieves
known as "Schwarzwind" or
Blackwind. It was then when he
conceived his master plan...

"We will hunt the cowardly
knights who ran away from the
crusades. They carry valuable
armor and loot. We'll all get

 That night. as a war-weary
group approached, the thieves
sprang their amubush. The fatigued
knights were no match for the
thieves. They defeated the
knights all too easily.

 Siegfried killed the knight's
commander himself with his
proud "Zweihander."

 He held the commander's
decapitated head up high in

 But, as the moonlight shone
down, he let out a horrified
In his hand was the head of
his father, Frederick!!

The horror caused Siegfried's
mind to snap.

 Yelling in grief and fear he
fled into the forest.

 He plunged deeper into his
insanity, convincing himself
that someone else slew his
father. He grew determined to
find and avenge his father's

 Hearing about the invincible
sword, "SoulEdge," he has
come to believe that his
father's fictitious killer
can only be defeated by this

"I can't ease my father's soul
until I find the sword and
slay his murderer!"

    The Conquest of
   Ostrhinesburg Castle

 At the castle of Sir Stefan
a battle rages.
The marquis Andre uses his
cannons to bring down the
once-invulnerable fortress.
Siegfried is the commander if
Stefan's mercenary knights.

 Sir Stefan's legendary sword
was quite well known in the
region. Siegfried sought the
sword and gained employ in
order to steal Stefan's

 As the battle became fierce
and the castle was besieged,
Siegfried steeled himself
against the invaders with his
powerful sword in his hand.

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Weapon: Korefuji
Style: Mitsurugi

   The Lone Swordsman

 A samurai who travls around
the world looking for a weapon
superior to firearms. He is a
mercenary for Marquise Andre in
the attack on Ostrhinesburg.
He us after the valuable weapons
which are believed to be kept
inside the castle.

 The enemy is as strong as
the devil. Beat him!

 After stopping the foreign
mercenary, Siegfried entered
the blazing castle.

There he killed Stefan and
took his legendary sword,

"This is it. With this
sword, I can finally avenge
my father."

 After escaping from the
burning castle, Siegfried
rested in the forest.
He gripped "Grimblade" tight
in his hand and spoke.

"Sword, grant me invincible

 But the sword was still.

"Damn it! This is not it!"

 Siegfried started feeling

"I must find the right sword.."

 The image of his father's
dead face floated before his
haunted eyes/

 He held his head and ran
through the dark forest.

"Father, fatherrr!!!"

His cries echoed into the
valleys beyond.

   Eurydice Shrine

 This temple was supposedly
built by the God Hephaestus
himself. He was the creator
of armor and arms.

 It is said that a young gitl
received a revelation and was
offere holy armor at this

 Siegfried met a young girl
in a Mediterranean village
and was taken to the temple.

 The sanctuary was tranquil.
After offering prayers, the
girl turned and stared at

"You're seeking the evil
sword, aren't you? That
sword is too dangerous for
you. Let me help."

"I don't need your help!"

Siegfried yelled.

Age: 18
Born: Mar.12
Weapon: Fire Blade
Style: Athena

   Emotional Goddess

 This young girl received
the revelation of the God
Hephaestus. With her holy
weapons, she is sworn to save
those who foolishly seek the
evil sword and destroy the
wicked weapon.

 Defeat all your enemies!

 Siegfried defeated Sophitia
and the spectral illusion.

 He shouter at the sky.

"I have defeated your little
girl! Now give me the
invincible sword!"

But the Gods were silent.

Siegfried's voice echoed
in vain.

"Why? Why?"

 Burying himself deeper into
insanity, Siegfried laid waste
to the sanctuary.
In the rubble. he discovered
the long "Atlas Sword" hidden
in a column.

 The sky above the sanctuary
slowly covered with dark mist.
It was as if Siegfried's
insanity had attracted an evil

   The Arena

 This is a secret arena
where strong gather from
all over the world.
The winner is awarded valuable

 Siegfried had heard warrior's
tales of this place.

 At the arena's gate, a sign
was posted:




 Siegfried entered the contest.

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Weapon: Korefuji
Style: Mitsurugi

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Weapon: Cross Ax
Style: Own Style

 More opponents to be

 Defeat all rivals!

 After a long battle,
Siegfried defeated all of his

 He won the waved sword

   The Desert

 A desert stretches through
central Asia. It is the most
difficult passage for those
whp travel across the continent
to avoid dangerous sea routes.
Ruins of an ancient fortress
can be found buried in the
sands. It is an extremely
cruel passage.

"Who's following me?"

 Although he was exhausted
from crossing the dry desert,
Siegfried could still sense
an enemy at his back.

"Show yourself, Swinehund!"

Siegfried swung his sword as
he turned. It was Rock who
Siegfried had defeated at the

"That prize shoulde have
been mine. Give it to me!"
Rock yelled.

"Oh, you'll get it..."

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Crescent Ax
Style: Own Style

   Reckless Commando

 He was orphaned as a boy.
He wandered around the New
World and learned means of
survival in the wild. He
started his journy to regain
memory of his lost past. His
pride would not allow him to
take defeat by Siegfried to

 Triumph in this cruel land
that drains your strength!

 Despite hunger nad thirst,
Siegfried again defeated the
giant Rock and with a thrust
and delivered a mortal blow!


 The dying Rock stared at
Siegfried, whispered in
delirium and expired.

   The Pirate Castle

 Noto castle belongs to
Noto-Murakami nad the Setonai
pirates. (Mouri sea force)
The entire island is a castle
of pirates and a naval port.

 Siegfried's bravery impressed
the pirates and he was hired
as a castle guard.

 He caught a woman trying to
escape from the castle.
Siegfried followed the woman
and confronted her.

"Surrender yourself!"

 She turned slowly.
Strangely enough, she smiled
at him and said,

"You can't stand in my way."

She plucked the sword off her
back and jumped at Siegfried.

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Rekkimaru
Dream-slashed sword

   Underground Hunter

 She is a ninja who
exterminates ghosts. She
searched for the "evil sword"
in order to bolster her
magic weapon, "Rekkimaru."

 Defeat her before you run
out of time!

 As a reward for defeating the
female ninja Taki, Siegfried
was given the "7 Branch
Sword" and passage on a Mouri

"The sword I seek isn't in this
land, I will seek further..."

 Siegfried's mania grew and

   The Valley

 San Kyo is a deep valley
located in the middle part
of China's Yangtze River.
Siegfried heard tales of a
river thief who had been
collecting sords.
He decided to investigate.

"Give up your sword!"

 A man dropped from the brifdge
as Siegfried's raft passed by.
This man must be the thief,
Siegfried thought.

"Surrender that sword! It will
make a fine addition."
The man demanded.

"You will get my sword."
Siegfried grinned. "In your

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct.23
Weapon: Phoenix
Matchless Dragon

   Rage of the Executor

 He was an assassin for the
Ming Dynasty. His life ruined
after the murderer of his
beloved Chie, he now steals
weapons from every swordsman
that travels the Yangtze

 Defeat him by using
a throwing technique!

 "Chie, Chie..."

As he groaned with pain, Li
Long plunged into the water
and got away.

 After defeating the
mysterious thief Li Long,
Siegfried discovered numerous
stolen swords along the river,
Among them was a big Chinese
weapon, "HardSteel Blade."

   The Secret Treasury

 The wealthy and greedy Vercci
hid his treasure in a vault at
the bottom of a 50 m pit on an
uninhabited island.
It is rumored to be

 Siegfried and his band, the
BlackWind, once planned to
break in to the secret vault.

The attempt failed terribly
and he lsot many of his men.

"Can SoulEdge really be here?"

Though wounded by the traps,
Siegfried finally reached the
pitch-black vault.

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon: Full Moon
Style: Own Style

   The Hell Guardian

 Guarding Vercci's treasure
gives Voldo the only reason
to live. Although he is blind
and insane from his years in
the dark pit, hi
assassination techniques are
fearful and have killed all
those who have attempted
to enter the money pit.

 The traps have left you weak!
Fight with what strength you
have left!

 Siegfried defeated the
guardian Voldo and demanded
the "SoulEdge."

"Where is it foul beast?"

"Not ... here..." Voldo

"That's not true! Talk!
Where is SoulEdge? Talk!
Talk!" Siegfried shook him in

 But Voldo was no longer

He was already dead.

"The sword must be here.
It must be."

 Seigfried thrashed the money
pit in search of the legendary
sword but to no avail. The
sword was not there. However,
Siegfried would not give up.

 Among the ruin of Vercci's
vault, Siegfried found a
letter which named the
location of "SoulEdge."

"At last. Finally I can
accomplish my revenge."

 He took the "Claymore" and

   The Final Battle

 Siegfried had found the
whereabouts pf "SoulEdge."
The pirate Cervantes de Leon
once used this Spanish port
as a base. His ship was still
anchored nearby.

 Death was thick in the air.

"SoulEdge, is it here?"

 Siegfried tried to control
his excitement, but his body
could not stop shaking as he
climbed aboard the Adrian,
the ship of Cervantes.

A short search turned up
nothing. He heard something
behind him. He turned.

"Who are you?"

"Ahhh. Such a lovely, insane
soul you have. I must possess
it for my own."

"What! Who on earth are you?"

 There stood a man holding a
pair of strange swords in his

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: Possessed

   The Immortal Pirate

 A great pirate who was once
feared by all sailors on the
Atlantic Ocean.

He went missing several
decades ago during the search
for SoulEdge as requested by

 Defeat the enemy!

 The great battle is finally
over, Siegfried's destiny
was right in front of him.

 He grasped SoulEdge in his
blood-stained hands.
An incredibly foolish act.

 The history of massacre
within SoulEdge traveled into
Siegfried, consuming his

Anger, sadness, agony, horror...

Siegfried's emotions were
devoured by "SoulEdge."

 He realized too late that
the evil swords had invaded
him and were using him for
its own purpose.
The parasitic swords merged
with him.

 Siegfried screamed as his
body turned as red as blood.
Though, it was no longer
certain he could hear his
own screams.

 Time has passed since then
and the world ahd regained
peace for a while.

 But now, a horror appears on
the cliff high above a quiet
German village.

There, in the moonlight, stands
a red knight clutching two
evil swords...
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