Welcome to the Soulcalibur Wiki, the wiki for the Soul series that anyone can edit!

It has information on all of the aspects of the game, such as biographies on characters, information of the various weapons, information on the stages, articles on the games, fanon and lots of other small and large aspects of the game. Basically, think of it as an encyclopedia for the Soulcalibur series that anyone can contribute to.

As you are now a new soul entering the community, you should first read these few, yet important, editing rules and common mistakes. Don't forget after you have edited a Canon page always put an edit summary no matter how small your edit was! Also, here at the Soulcalibur Wiki we think it is much easier to edit in Source mode, as many pages can only be edited in that mode. We advise all Users to edit in that mode. Learn how to edit in Source mode by reading this guide.

Basic typing rules

We all make mistakes while typing. Yet there are a few rules of common knowledge that everyone here should follow.

Here are some punctuation rules, other punctuation rules, capitalizing rules and basic typing rules.

Please read them to prevent corrections that could have been avoidable. It is really a strain to read every new contribution, so please read and respect these rules.

Which name?

The most common mistake that can affect comprehension.

Problem: Soul Calibur or Soulcalibur?


  • Soul Calibur, separate words, is the name of the sword, so if you want to relate an article to a game, never use the two-word term.
  • Therefore, you surely understood that Soulcalibur in one word is the name of the Soul series, not the sword.

Problem: Soul Blade or Soul Edge?


  • Soul Edge is referring to the original Arcade version of the game, as well as the second version of the arcade game. Soul Blade is referring to the console version of the game. So, if you are referring to something specific to the arcade version then link to "Soul Edge (game)|Soul Edge". However, if you are referring to something specific in the console release, then link to "Soul Edge (game)|Soul Blade".


We discover new information everyday. But how boring it is to write what we just saw on a website, or rewrite "- Spoken when fighting X" or "- During ring out" when adding new quotes. We all know the easiest way to prevent the problem: copy and paste (o wonderful computing!). However, there will be another problem: you might see numerous html codes.


  • <span style="font-style: normal; ">
  • <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" title="それから二十数年、魔剣ソウルエッジの噂を追って彼の元にたどり着いた者たちを、セルバンテスは屠り続けた。">

And the likes are often seen after someone pasted new information.

Solution: It's really simple: just go from Visual mode to Source mode, you will be able to paste without the html codes. It doesn't take long and will save a lot of troubles for the editors.

Linking Format

Problem: Many, many times we see the name of the series' games written in a bad format, such as

  • "His appearance in Soulcalibur III (...)"
  • "His appearance in Soulcalibur III (...)"

Solution: It's pretty simple: a link doesn't need to be in italics, while no link needs to be.

  • "His appearance in Soulcalibur III (...)"
  • "His appearance in Soulcalibur III (...)"

This also applies to character names, weapons, stages etc...

It should not be:

  • "Sophitia is a character in the Soul series of fighting games"
  • "Sophitia is a character in the Soul series of fighting games"

It should be:

  • "Sophitia is a character in the Soul series of fighting games"
  • "Sophitia is a character in the Soul series of fighting games"

It doesn't take much time (again), so please pay attention to what you do.

Also, if you're using a game name as a heading, then it does not need to be in italics. However, it should be linked.

It should be:




Quotes format

Problem: Many people don't respect the standards, they don't use italics, rendered by ''italics'' (2 apostrophes on each side) in Source mode. If an explanation is needed to place the quote in a context, the quote will be followed by normal font.

  • Example: "I'm falling!" - Spoken during ring out.


  • I'm falling! - Spoken during ring out.
  • "I'm falling!" - Spoken during ring out.
  • I'm falling! - Spoken during ring out.
  • "I'm falling!" - Spoken during ring out.

Solution: Just take your time. We are really grateful to see an increasing number of editors, yet we all like quality: no matter how many times you edit things, edit them well. Just check if the format matches the standards (for the quotes and the rest), it just takes 5 seconds and this will prevent you from being looked askance by the members of the community.

Spelling and grammar

Problem: Most people are not natives in English. Therefore, their English is really problematic: poor grammar, spelling mistakes, nonsense, etc.

Solution: To error is human, everyone has the right to make mistakes. However, since you are contributing to a public website, and supposedly to a website about a game you like, you should double triple check what you are editing. Make sure everything is clear for everyone, and as correct as possible. If you are not a native and you think your English needs correction, please refer to an Admin or any other member whose English is their mother tongue. You can use the chat that is available or their user pages in order to get in touch with them.

Problem: Your words "centre", "colour", "favour", etc., are corrected while completely correct.

Solution: Most wikis are not consistent. You can find "the colour of neighbor's house" or whatever. Since most editors come from countries where American English is the main English, I suppose it is better to use the American spelling (I myself have to adapt to that). However, don't fight back by undoing the edits and claim that "[your] English is good!", we know it is. But we seek consistence on the wiki, and since 95% of the words are speltspelled with the American spelling, it's easier to change the British spelling. However, if you are editing your own fanon then by all means use whatever English you want, and if someone changes your spelling tell an Admin.
To summarize: don't undo these edits, it's just a matter of homogeneity, we don't judge your language.

Adding Information to Pages

Wikia is all about the Community, the Community getting involved, editing and creating pages! However, here at the Soulcalibur Wiki we want to make sure that all information added to a page is authentic and reliable. Any time you make an edit to a canon page (for example; changing their weight, major story plot points, family, age, height etc) you must provide a reliable source stating this information. This is so all information on this Wiki is 100% authentic and correct. However, there will sometimes be exceptions to when a source is needed or not, or if a source can not be found and a community consensus believes the information to be correct.

Also, whenever you make an edit to a canon page always add an edit summary! No matter what your edit was, how small or how little, always add an edit summary. Adding a summary just makes it easier for Administrators to review edits made and decide weather to undo the edit or not.

Feel free to contribute to this list via the comments section.

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