Egyptian Crypt
Egyptian Crypt
Background music Maze of the Blade
Home to Ivy

Egyptian Crypt is a stage in Soul Calibur II. It is Ivy's home stage.


This crypt lies underneath the old ruins that house the murals surrounding Soul Edge. The ruins have many mysteries, such as the Pharaoh's tomb, shrine of worship, and a seal to lock away some evil being, but the true goals of these structures remain unknown.

One thing is certain, however--the entire structure, including the shrine at the entrance, was created using the very best technology available to ancient Egypt. It is clear that these ruins were of vital importance.

Future generations have named this place "Crypt" out of convenience, but this structure has numerous features that warrant such a name.



Egyptian Crypt (sand)

The sand variation of the Egyptian Crypt.

This variation has quicksand in the stage, which makes the player sink if they don't keep moving or attacking. The farther they sink, the slower they'll move. Additionally, attacks and movement will allow the character to resurface.


Egyptian Crypt (fire)

The Egyptian Crypt during Weapon Master Mode.

This variation has a ring of lava surrounding the ring and has a pool of lava underneath it. The lava burns if one stands in it too long yet, the player can tactfully use it against their opposition. The 'fire' will not harm the player if they continuously move while within it or are lying (in a downed state, knocked down) in it.


Egyptian Crypt (ice)

The ice variation of the Egyptian Crypt.

This variation has ice covering the stage. The ice makes it slippery, thus making it easier to get ring outs. Though unlike its Weapon Master counterpart, instead of flying off the ring if a player runs, slides, or is knocked down and travels towards the edge, they are not immediately rung out.

Weapon Master Variations

In Weapon Master Mode, when in a dungeon with the Egyptian Crypt stage, the stage uses the variations listed above, plus music and lighting differences:

  • Descending Passage: Slow and simple music. Regular lighting.
  • Queen's Chamber: More complicated music. Dark lighting.
  • King's Chamber: The music is even more complicated and faster. Dark lighting.
  • Pharaoh's Tomb: The music is the fastest and most complicated. Regular lighting.

Royal Tomb

Egyptian Crypt (royal tomb)

The Egyptian Crypt: Royal Tomb.

The Royal Tomb shares the same theme version as the Pharaoh's Tomb yet, is held within a cage, with lava pouring down the innards of the cage bars. Lava also circles the edges of the cage as well.

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