Embrace of Souls
Wielder Kilik
Weapon type Staff
Price 23,000 Gold
Attack 170
Defense 80
HP 40
Power 0
Impact 30
Boost 0
Gauge 40
Special 10]
Native skill Strong Impact

Embrace of Souls is Kilik's strongest weapon in Soulcalibur IV. It can be bought in Character Creation for 23,000 Gold after completing Story Mode with Kilik. It has Strong Impact equipped by default as a skill, which when an impact is successful, the player's next attack will turn into a counter-hit. It is probable that this weapon is a fusion of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, as one side is blue and crystalline (similar to Kilik's form of Soul Calibur in Soulcalibur III), while the other is flesh-like with a sharp horn at the bottom (similar to Kilik's form of Soul Edge in Soulcalibur II) This is supported by the fact that it is acquired after completing the game. It is also named after Soul Embrace.

Embrace of Souls
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