Enrico is a merchant & brother of Vercci. Appeared in Soulcalibur VI.


Soulcalibur VI

Enrico was reluctant to go with Vercci due to thinking Soul Edge is only rumors, as their primary objectives are to seek out the golden treasures of the Orient, thinking Vercci's insane. But when he orders Voldo to accompany him, Enrico advises against it due to his young age and not related.

At old age, Enrico was attacked by bandits, who were trying to rob one of Vercci's treasures - a sword. Just then Voldo appeared in a surprise attack. He didn't recognize the blind assassin until he recognized the katars he carries. Voldo begs forgiveness for not being at Vercci's side when the Money Pit got destroyed and offers to return the sword to him. Voldo, however, was only after treasures that were "stolen". Enrico cries in guilt.

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